Design and UX March 17, 2020

Free Human Illustrations Resources List (Updated)

Amin Memon @aminmemon

Hello IH,

I have come across lots of post on IH where founders ask for websites providing free Illustrations resources. There are lots of free illustrations resources available on the internet. I have curated a list of all these resources with a mini-review about each of them.

Here is the link to google sheet:-

What do think about it? Also, let me know if there is any resource that I have missed that you think should be on the list.

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    Wow, I cannot tell you how valuable this is! The ultimate list :)

    Some others I've come across recently:

    Thank you for sharing this!

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      I love Open Peeps!! Thanks for sharing.

      ps: just stole one for my landing page :D

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        No problem at all, their collection is amazing!

        Hope the landing page is looking good! :D

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      I have gone through both of your suggestions & have added Open Peeps to the list.
      Control Illustrations is a part of Craftwork so I have included them under Craftwork.

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        Awesome, appreciate it!

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      Glad that you found it valuable! Your suggestion looks great. Will review them & update in the list.

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    This is incredible! Thank you

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      Good to know:)

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    Adding the licence to it would be nice. For example I want to know if I am allowed to modify stuff and use it comercially.

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      Nice suggestion. I will add a licence column and update it soon.

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    I don't know if this fits (can't access either) but @ubik and I are building the Character Creator.

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      There was some problem with the link, I have updated the link now. Character Creator seems very Interesting. Will take a detailed look at it and see if it fits in the list.

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    Can't access the doc.

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      Hey @rosiesherry, thanks for the heads up. I think I had messed up with the access settings of the link. I have fixed it now.

      I kind of feel sad that I couldn't fix it earlier, Everyone who had read my post wouldn't had got access to the sheet :(

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        I pushed it to the IH home page now get more visibility. I don't like sad indie hackers! :)

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          Ohh Fantastic! Thanks for featuring. Super Happy :)
          This is why I love Indiehackers community💪

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            It's a popular topic, I wrote this one a while back, feel free to grab any you may have missed -

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              Great, will go through it.

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    Does anyone know about any free futuristic 3d renders, not illustrations?

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    Hello to everyone, i have created a site where you can see the listing of sites providing free illustrations. Thanks @amin i will include other sites present in your excel file in my project.
    Link to the website:

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    Very cool, would be nice to list the license there as well (MIT/CC0/CC-BY..). Here's another one:

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      I have already got this suggestion from fellow Indie hacker too. Will add a licence column and update it soon.

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    This i really useful! Keep up the good work Amin.

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      Glad that you found it useful.

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    You can also find some cool websites with illustrations and icons here ->

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      Ohh Great! Will take a look.

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    This comment was deleted 4 months ago.

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      Great! I have checked Flaticon earlier but it is less human illustration like and more icons so I thought of avoiding it in the list.
      Glad that you found it useful!