Landing Page Feedback September 25, 2020

Gathering inspiration: Show your personal landing page!

Aquiles Carattino @aqui_c

I am looking for inspiration to improve my personal landing page, so let's see what each one has done and let's provide feedback.

In my case, I really don't feel that the landing page represents me. It was a quick free template grab that served its purpose (Hacker news frontpage).

I am trying to convey a clearer picture of who I am and what I do. I have some ideas, but inspiration is always great!

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    Nice! Great info, but some things that need fixing are:

    • The main text should be centered along with the image
    • The logo is way too big. Try making it a bit smaller and left aligned. Then add the nav links to the right side.
    • The part before the main footer shouldn’t also be in a dark color. Make it different. Save the gray for the real footer itself.

    Here’s mine:

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      Why don't you have a link to from your page? (Found the link from Github).

      If you can take a suggestion... Something I find incredibly useful with templates is having a collection of components. I checked a couple of your templates, and I wonder, for example if I ad an <ul>, how would it render? Or forms that fail to validate. They give a lot of flexibility, and compound over time, this is something I simply love about "The SaaS" that didn't find in many other places.

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        No, it most of the time won't. But here's why:

        I am selling templates. Not themes/UI kits. So the template is made to use it how it is (and move blocks around if you want).

        Does this make sense?

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          Perhaps it does, and if your templates are being bought, then it definitely does!

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      Thanks for the feedback! I completely agree with all you said! In any case, I am starting from scratch, meaning new color palette, other information, other layout. Also, I am using it as an exercise to go from Figma to HTML (mostly out of fun)

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        Cool! I actually have a few portfolio templates on I'd love to hear your thoughts and feedback :)

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    It's a website for an app instead of a personal one, but you might still get some value out of it: Tag My Knowledge

    It's built using TailwindUI & Publii. Publii isn't necessary atm, but it allows me to use Handlebars pretty easily & I can create a blog down the line.

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      I'm using Wagtail as cms, and Tailwind on my digital garden, so your choices are very similar to what I had in mind

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      Looks nice! I'll definitely useit for iinspiration !

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    Haven't updated it in years but I'm still quite fond of it 👉

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      Interesting design! Thanks for sharing!

      Soon it's going to e a 4-year anniversary since your last post!

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