Landing Page Feedback May 5, 2020

Get Design Feedback On Any Page Of Your Site!

Kieran Parker @kjparker

Morning IH,

Yesterday I launched, a website to share landing page feedback whilst building a community around it.

In celebration, I wanted to come back to the place that inspired me (and still does) to make stuff and offer my services.

But, why would you want advice from me?

Well, I believe it is important to get feedback from all types of people. But why me specifically? Well I am a UX/UI Designer who designs all sorts of apps and websites day to day (Check out my portfolio

And even during my spare time, I build products such as,, and more.

So I like to think I have some sort of valuble insight to help out where I can

So, if everyone could:

  • Leave a link to a page on their website they are struggling with the most

  • What they feel they are struggling with the most

  • A quick sentence on what their product is or does

Oh, and before I go I want to let everyone know, I will be giving away 1 full landing page redesign and 2 x 30 minute design consultation calls for any Indies that sign up to during May and share your landing page for feedback.

So, get posting and I will get through as many as I can today and tomorrow!


A Quick Update
I am still working through a lot of these during my breaks and downtimes but do not worry, I am still working through them!


That's It Folks!
Thank you so much to everyone who left a link to their site, I got through as many as I could but, as you can see there were a lot of you and my responses are typically very indepth, it takes a lot to give the value I strive for.

But, if you submitted your site but didn't get feedback,** it isn't too late!** I will be back!!
I loved doing this so much, I plan to open up for feedback again in on the 25th of May. (I may also give away a few 15 minute design call-consultations too )

If you cannot wait that long for feedback, head over to and share it with our community who love giving feedback too. I will also be there, jumping in where I can!

Make sure to follow me on Twitter (, tweet me your site and I will do "quick fire rounds" each day too!

Thanks all, and be safe!

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    Thanks for the offer. If you get too many of these and can't get around to it, no worries!

    This is a list site / directory of tools for people making side-projects, startups, projects at work, etc..

    There's lots of tools (and plenty more I intend to add) but with a system that's only based on tags I imagine people who want to browse rather than search for something specific are a bit stuck. How to make it explorable is what I'm wondering most.


    1. 1

      Hey @adamquaile Thank you for submitting and ofcourse I would get round to you!

      Ok so, your site is super simple and, in it's current state I think everything you have looks good. I would probably say that more padding with the content/their boxes would help space that out a lottle, but that is more nit-picky than anything.

      Also, make sure your padding/spacing is consistent. For example, your tags-section has less padding from the left/right than the cards above (or, visually it looks like it) keeping these inline improves consistency and is a subtle thing.

      So, with not much feedback to give, I instead want to give some insight into what you could possibly add to what you have, if you do not mind?

      So, I think the first thing you should do, is add a header/hero section. An area that briefly says what it is, what it does. Nothing ott, even some beautifully laid out type is plenty!

      To mirror that, I would also make use of the space to add in a newsletter signup. Either in the header itself, or underneath the grid-area, just above the footer. (oh, i just saw your subscribe button, maybe make that a little more obvious and bring it into the fold somewhere!)

      Something else I would consider, is separating these boxes out visually. Obviously, I do not know exactly what you will be adding, but in this state atleast I would split them into their own sub-categories, saving a click.

      This site is a good example -

      Finally, (for now) I would add in some basic animations. I know, as you build out you think of animations last, but simple things for now would work wonders (color change, float, slight shadow, just something to show a button, tag or card is clickable!)

      With not a whole lot to give feedback on, I feel like I owe you more. So, once you have added more content, or want some guidance, hit me up on twitter and I will give you a little more feedback! :) Or, once it is in a closer to final state add it to and I will personally critique it again.

      I hope that helped, and good luck!

      1. 1

        Thanks so much for the feedback - you certainly don't owe me more!

        Design is not really my thing so these hints of polish and added touches really do help give me some direction. I especially like the idea of categorising the tags without the extra clicks.

        I'll be sure to let you know when I've done some updates, but don't feel any obligation. You've already helped!

        1. 1

          I am glad it helped and yes, please keep me updated and do not hesitate to reach out with any confirmations, input, whatevers :)

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    About: Job board for Flutter developers
    Advise: I'd love to see what else could be done with the UI/UX of the site, it's a bit oddly spaced?

    1. 1

      Hey @tobyallen thanks for submitting your website for feedback :)

      First glance, your website looks good! Everything a typical job board should be!

      First things first, the header-section. The image works nicely with your color scheme, however it is very pixelated/blurry. You have nice crisp text everywhere so a blurry image stands out.

      Also in this area, I notice you have added a heavy drop-shadow to your text. This is usually done as a "quick and dirty" way to help increase readability of text overlaid on an image. Which, seems the case here however even with this, the text is very hard to read, especially as the white-image is under parts of it.

      There are many many ways to fix this however, such as;

      • Changing the image
      • Re-formatting the image (for example, have the image or text off to one side, giving the text a nice, flat blue background to sit on.
      • Adding a gradient or overlay (this can be a low opacity white or dark-shade. Or a color one, blue perhaps?)
      • Changing the contrast of the image itself (maybe not one for this type of image, though.)
      • Or, a square/shape of color to contain the background, maybe dropping the opacity so it isn't toooverbearing.

      If you do give some of these a try, feel free to shoot me over some variations on Twitter or something and I will be happy to help out with feedback/adjustments!

      As to your question in terms of UI/UX;

      The style you have at the moment (the blue font, blue border-button,etc) feels very google-ads (maybe just me).

      As for spacing, it is a little squashed/inconsistent. Now, it looks good do not get me wrong, and these are more nitpicks than anything, but if I were going to make quick updates/changes I would just give everything a little more breathing room, and add a rule of consistency to it.
      For example, the grey square with a letter inside, could look better if the padding on top bottom and left were say, 16px. Then, have the padding between that box and its content the same 16px plus maybe, 8px more to show it is separate from the box.
      I would then put some space between the two text lines and the view-counter. (again, 8 px or so) then, put the apply button to be in the top right of the box (sharing the padding of the grey box from the border) and, move the date to be in the bottom right, to "mirror" the views new lining style...

      I realise, that was probably confusing, so here is a quick example - (the border is a little thin and could probably use some additional treatment (thicker, or some very subtle dropshadow is that is the style you want to go for)

      Another thing to note on the page as a whole, it is very long, and there is soooo much stuff. Maybe you can add in a filter, search or some sort of functionality to quickly navigate all these postings.

      I just noticed, browse all jobs takes you to essentially, an identical page (unless I am missing something?) If that is the case, maybe use the home page for the "X most recent/trending/popular/featured posts, and then redirect to the browse all with some search functions (doing this allows them to get to your footer, which contains some pages users may want right away) OR remove the browse page for now, until it adds some extra value.

      Finally, make some simple transitions on your hover states! A nice fade/animation goes a long way!

      Ok, that is a lot but I hope it helps! Keep me updated on any changes you make!

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    About: Spend less time on email and get more work done.
    Get through your emails faster than ever before. Take back control of your inbox. Turn wasted time into productive time.

    Advice: I would love some advice on my copy. Is it clear what I am offering? Is the design appealing enough to warrant users to sign up?

    1. 1

      Hey @joeytawadrous thanks for submitting your site.

      Overall, your site is very well designs and solid site. Beautiful color choices, font weights, shades etc. All spot on.

      Ok so, going through your site, I initially notice that the first example-image you have of the app is a little blurry. It is still readable, but I think it this was crisp it may look a little cleaner, specially when compared to the crisp, clean text you have.

      Moving down, the at a glance section is lovely. The soft greys help to keep things calm, despite a lot of "stuff" going on. I think due to this balance, the 12 blocks (which would typically be overbearing) are instead nicely balanced and nice to look at. One small thing I would say is that whilst it looks great on my 5k, color correct monitor, I know a lot of times in my designs I have to go back over them due to user accessability. The fact you are using a light grey and a 13px font, may make it very hard to read for some users. I am a big fan of minimal, small copy and it does look good, but if you want to keep ease of use in mind, that may be something to consider.

      Next up, your features-section. Very nicely spaced out, and in bite sized chunks. However, there are 7 of these, before showing an "explore more" button. I would probably try and cut this down as it is a lot of scrolling. I know sometimes every feature is important, but if you can maybe cut it down to 4 of your best, and hide the others behind the explore more. (Btw, love the simplicity/minimalism of this section. Very concise paragraphs and headers)

      Onto Pricing. BEAUTIFUL. It is a very well done spreadsheet of information (although again, keep the small light text in mind). I think the one thing I would say here is, I am a little hesitant on clicking the "try free" button. Is it going to ask me for a credit card, or just baisc info? and, once clicking it takes me to another page asking me to sign in with google mail, but I do not know what to expect when I click it. Do I get a free trial right away, is there more info to input? etc.

      Social proof is perfect. No complaints.

      Finally, I do notice you have an FAQ page, and I wonder if it is worth bringing that in at the bottom of your page? If you feel it is not needed, I would instead "sign off" with and action you would like a user to take. Unless, you consider your wall of love that (which is perfectly fine) if that is the case, maybe have an actionable line such as (but not this cheesy) "still not sure? see what people are saying about us" (again, I do not like that line, it is cliche, but hopefully you get the point.)

      As per your initial concern of website copy, I am not really an expert of copy itself so take this with a pinch of salt. The intial tagline "Spend less time on email and get more work done." and the accompanying text is great at saying what you want to do, but not how. It talks about getting stuff done, saving time, being fast, taking control. But no idea as to how. And, as the top section of the website this may be something to consider. I like the wording, don't get me wrong but I want an idea of how before i start scrolling. Not something easy to sum up, I know.
      But maybe "Spend less time on email and get more work done. - A set of tools to help you organize, manage and list your emails into manageble groups".

      1. 1

        This is such good feedback, thank you so much. I've been thinking a lot about this for the last two days and making improvements too :)

        • Thank you for your kind words on the design!
        • I really need to improve my screenshots. Right now, I'm looking for a way to make them look good in all screen sizes. They scale in ways that make them look blurry so I may need several images, one for each dominant screen size.
        • You're absolutely right. I increased the font to 14px.
        • Took away 2. I also plan to create a nice picker widget to show the features a lot more elegantly!
        • Thank you so much. I spent a lot of time on the pricing design! It actually mentions that you get a free 7 day trial, with no credit card required under the pricing heading. I should probably put this under the button too. Or what about if I showed some text when the user hovers over the button?
        • FAQ links are on the way. I have been planning this for some time!
        • I spent the last two days brainstorming and updating the copy along with elements of the design. What do you think of the copy now?

        Thank you so very much. Your feedback is amazing and so helpful.

        1. 1

          Thank you for the kind words, I am glad my feedback was so helpful!

          For your screenshots, you could consider an "abstract" example o fyours screens. I do not know how handy you are with some editing tools (figma, sketch, illustrator) but what I would do, is not even have a "screen" and instead show the "elements" of the feature. (something a little like this -

          A nice widget to show off the features would look great too! I see so many around, but cannot think of any good example however, it certainly helps condense information without losing it.

          Ah yes, I see that small bit under the pricing page title, I think that because it is so far from the table, and the table is very eye catching/distracting, the sub-title may go un-noticed (i missed it completely). So yeah, adding by the button it is in eye sight at their time of potential concern.

          The content is much better, some subtle changes but I think it gets the job done!

          1. 1

            Amazing feedback again! Thank you :)

            Your suggestion on showing the features themselves and not the screenshots is fantastic. I've seen this too. I will have to do some research. I love this idea. Thank you.

            I will add more text below the button to make it clear :)

            Have a great day my friend, and thank you again for all the helpful feedback.

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    Could you please check out my landing page and see if it makes sense for a new user to understand what we are about? Thank you!

  5. 1

    Thanks for the help. My website: has a blog full of everything I've learned during my web developer journey. I teach other developers how to learn web development and stay productive (I also have a podcast). I am struggling the most with getting popular blogs to link to my website.

    1. 1

      Hey @JoshTernyak thank you for stopping by!

      I love the idea of your website, as someone who is also learning development on my own ( is actually my second, and biggest project so far) it is one I wil be following.

      Now, I am not sure how much I can help you with your issue of getting others to link to your site. It certainly is not a design issues. As far as design goes, it is a nice blog site! You could add some ctas, like moving your newsletter to the bottom of the home page.

      I think though, to get others to link to your site, you first have to give some love too. For example, post on medium, share in other publications (something I tried a while ago) build a bit of "clout" and show you are worth sharing around!

      I see that you mention you are 15, that is an impressive age to be taking on this task and others find it motivating, so make that a little more obvious. There was a young designer who was doing well, and motivated a lot of people. It also shows as inspiration to others your age, wanting to do this sort of thing, but feel restricted due to their age.

      I think posting in the growth forum on this site may be your best bet though.

      Good luck!

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    A landing page for interactive novels. I'm curious what you think.

    1. 1

      Hey there @humble_toymaker!

      I used to love interactive novels, as someone who got bored of typical books, these were my go to back in the day.

      Your site is pretty bare, and with it, not really much to give feedback on without telling you how to design the entire thing.
      So, instead let me share some inspirational layouts I think would suit your site well, I hope that is ok?

      • Very vibrant (much like yours with your bright orange) and illustration styles i think lend nicely to story-style sites.


      I hope they help. Also as a tip, I notice your images have a parralax feature, I would leave that out, and keep things simple! :)

      Once you have something a bit more fleshed out, share it over on and I will give you more input!

      Or, share on twitter and I will enter you into the free landingpage redesign competition/draw I mentioned above :)

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    It is a remote job board

    Now I'm struggling the most with creating full functional job board (currently it's only RSS feed) without coding and spending thousands of $

  8. 1

    here is my entry :)

    Just launched the website a few days ago.

    It's a daily roundup of digital marketing news

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    Hey Kieran, thanks for doing this.

    Specifically, I'm having trouble with the first page after teacher sign up, you'll have to sign up to see (takes 15 sec) ... get started > teacher > a few inputs > done.

    Wordcraft is a vocabulary and reading game. Teachers are meant to "add students" to their class, and then run in class games. A few teachers love us, but I find a lot of teachers never come back after signing up. I think it might be due to the lack/quality of instuction after they sign up, and not having a "test as student" feature. Would be interested to hear your thoughts. Thank you

    1. 1

      Hey @oli9292

      I love the idea, but have to say your site is very overwhelming and feels a little...scattered. I would say, simplify it!

      It is a word-game, so many the brand of the site itself very word focused!

      Here are a few examples of those who keep it simple;

      I would say, just keep it super simple. Example your features concisely and give visitors a reason to fall in love with it!

      As this would be more of a redesign than quick fixes, I would suggest entering my Competition for a complete landing page redesign, just share on twitter to be entered.

      Otherwise, if not, good luck and please share how you get on with me either on here, or twitter! :)

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    Nice of you to do this for us. Tjanks a lot

    The site:


    • a growing collection of color and typography tools for web developers and digital designers

    The question mark:

    • I am not sure what to do with the background landing page, to keep it half n' half or to go with centered text and change of background to have more space.

    Again thanks a lot !

    1. 1

      Hey @Michael_Andreuzza
      I think I commented on this page the other day! (I said something about the background image being blurry?)

      I really like the design of this site, you clearly know your stuff so I won't waste your time with any nit-picks or preferences. You are doing a bang up job.

      However, to give my opinion on your "half n half" question. My answer would be... I don't know. With your site color palette being quite mute, it is nice to have that bright background up there, and moving the text to the center will either reduce the ability of a bright image, or take away from it.

      I actually really like it the way it is and wouldn't change a thing.

      I am sorry I cannot give any real feedback or changes, but I really so no need to change anything at all :)

      1. 1

        Ah, I didn't remember it was you. My bad.

        Oh, thanks to that comment I fixed it thanks to @gilli that helped me a lot.

        Then I decided to use it as svg and boom, ready.

        I am glad you are liking it, that's good signal.

        Thank you so much

        1. 1

          My pleasure, I actually remembered that, even before that other post I had it saved to my "resources" tab :) It is a great tool I will be constantly using.

          And yeah SVGs are the way to go! A little odd to use the first time, but once you know, you know! :D

          1. 2

            How kind of you. Thanks a lot. I am working on the new logo, then I will add more tools.

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    Hey Kieran. Youve given some awesome feedback in this thread. Very generous of you.

    If you have time, take a look at

    actually, specifically the internal page layout. Example:

    The homepage converts well at around 18% but Im finding that Im starting to send more visitors to specific pages and the conversion drops off to <5%

    Product is a newsletter of podcast recommendations for entrepreneurs.

    1. 1

      Hey @pauldmet thanks for dropping by and the kind words.
      Oh interesting, that is quite a drop off, some is expected but, surely those clicking through are interested.

      Maybe a silly or obvious question but, have you tried putting the podcast audio at the top?

      Currently you have the podcast logo, title and date. Maybe instead, replace that with the audio-element (which also has the podcast logo anyway) and, you could always have the title and date above/below/inside that? (If above, maybe a single line, title on left date on right)

      That being said, I would be interested if you have tried any other layouts (such as the one I mentioned) and tested conversions that way?

      Also, a side note, you have the (correct me if wrong) same email-newsletter signup in the sidebar and at the bottom? If so, this feel excessive and maybe a little overbearing. You could make better use of this and do what Product Hunt does, which is put the audio in the sidebar itself, or keep the signup in the sidebar, and remove it from the bottom.

      Finally, a few optimisations you could try for quicker "scanning" from users.
      Your summary bullets are great, and I am the type of person who would look at those to decide where i was interested in listening.


      1. Give each bullet a timestamp. If I were interested in the example you linked, but specifically "Started looking for trends" I would want to skip to that bit, rather than having to listen to 48 minutes.
      2. Make it easier to scan, maybe test the idea of a quick one-sentence bold summary, with a description underneath (then, space out each point a little too)

      A few things to test there and I would highly recommend trying some A/B testing. Whether officially, or make some changes, track it, and see how it goes.

      But yes, I hope that helps a little, and obviously any questions or input just let me know!

      1. 1

        Thats great feedback and some things to try out.

        The 2 opt ins on the page maybe overkill. I just added the one in the body a few days ago as concerned that sidebar blindness is a thing. Maybe I need to remove the sidebar one.

        I havent tried other layouts yet as the site is only a couple of months old.

        Time to do some testing.

        Appreciate it. Going to check out as a tool to share in next issue of my other newsletter (

        1. 1

          I am glad you found it helpful! Ah only a month old? It is a good sign being at 18% (on the homepage atleast) that early, right?!

          Yeah you are right, sidebar blindness is a real thing, I often miss things in them, but I think it depends how you lay it out. If it looks like a bunch of adds or too overwhelming, it's easier to just not look

          I would appreciate that very much, it is still in an early MVP stage with a lot more planned and some fixes to come shortly, but I hope it turns into a helpful place for us all to share feedback.

          Once you do some testing, good or bad, let me know how it turns out! Either here, heeed or twitter, I am interested to see how it goes!

          1. 1

            2 months old (wasnt specific above - I said couple).

            Traffic to homepage has mainly been from twitter, IH and some newsletters. So its relatively warm.

            1. 1

              Ah yeah my bad, i may have overlooked the couple Either way, it is still pretty impressive!

              Good luck and I look forward to seeing how it goes!

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    What it does: Weekly email newsletter finding cheap weekend flights
    Advice: I'd love to know your thoughts on how I could increase email signups!

  13. 1

    This sounds pretty cool! Thanks!

    I have built a product which revolves around digital flight logging and flight analysis. For the digital logbook I try to resemble the traditional regulation based logbook as closely as possible, though flight analysis is completely new.

    Although I do think I have a pretty good grasp on it now, I'm looking to make it even better. The demo I'm running (4th iteration) now is available here:

    What I'm looking to achieve here is to create a coherent overview of all relevant flight data. The reason this currently works is because I have coupled the flight phases (or maybe named better as 'legs and thermals') together with the charts. There is a chart builder available, but I figured that charts on themselves do not really make sense without either (or a combination of) the phases or the flight path.

    Additionally I'm looking for a way to clearly separate two or more flights for comparison within the same view, but maybe I should create a completely different view to do so...

  14. 1

    Hey Kieran,
    My page is , thanks!
    I'll send you an email if you like some help with copywriting or something.

    1. 1

      Morning @MrAtiebatie, thanks for submitting your page! :)

      I am a sucker for minimal, black and white websites which embrace white-space. Love it.

      So, what I usually do is scroll through the website, and type what I am seeing, thinking, etc. Let's get to it.

      The header section is nice and clean, as a minimal theme running through your website it works, but keep in mind it isn't everyone's cup of tea. Your copy is perfect, snapp and to the point. You mentioned about helping with copywriting so, obviously your copy is good :D

      Love the small bit of text that highlights keywords. I word say that the yellow, whilst not a bright-yellow, is bordering on hard to read against a white background. Mabye chuck white and that yellow into a contrast checker.
      As a matter of fact, I just chucked your yellow #ecc94b into a this contract checker ( and it failed. Maybe look into other colors/shades to use instead.

      Your initial "feature row" we will call it, is written nicely, but why is it important? How can I use that information to benefit me?

      Next "feature row" is nice, I am digging it. However, the illustration here does not match the one above (but it does with the one below) Maybe consider changing the one above to match the black and white theme you have going a little more strongly. Maybe make them black and white, or use black/white illustrations instead (there are a good few around for cheap). Alternatively, I do like the small injection of color the above feature avatars bring, maybe think of how you can keep that injection of color in the others too? Also, this feature row tells me exactly what this product can do for me and why i care. from this, I know what you do, and how it benefits me.

      Thinking out loud, maybe the top ties into this which ties into the third, which is great, if the user is patient enough to scroll through and read everything, as well as able to piece that together.

      The third "feature row" is great too, maybe using actual color icons would help inject that color I mentioned (if you want to go that way) but, as I said, im diggin' the black and white.

      Finally, the CTA. good tagline, simple, minimal. What is not to love?
      I think you could increase User Freindliness a little with a small description of what to expect (are they added to a queue, access right away, is it free, etc)

      Overall, I love it and the changes are minimal. With how simple this website is, it may look nice a little narrower too. But, without testing it I would not know.
      Finally, does this product have social-media? Is there a way to follow along, ask questions (and FAQ maybe a good idea) or anything for those interested but not wanting to sign up to (yet another) email list?

      1. 1

        Thanks Kieran for your detailed feedback! I wasn't happy with the first feature row either so I changed it.

        I'm gonna work on the contrast in colours and to get it clear what you get when you subscribe, thanks for that!

        1. 1

          I am glad to have helped! I was worried I couldn't provide too much feedback as it honestly is a well done site, and changes were minimal.

          I would love to see how it looks once you make any colors changes too, so let me know when those are live, I am happy to give my opinion on that side of things too!

  15. 1

    Thanks, Kieran for the help!
    Can we say an app store page is landing page? :)
    We try to do that in an authentically way but I think we can do it more "sexy", isn't it?
    Right now what we have in the app store page is our pivot which ran successfully and I think it's time to make a step forward with improving screenshots (maybe the icon too). What do you think, Kieran?

    1. 1

      Hey @nekromarko I guess technically it could be classed as so, as there is optimisation to be had within the screens you show off, but I do not really have enough experience to give valuble feedback.

      I am sorry about that, may I ask why you have the app live but didn't feel the need for a simple landing page at all? (Do you typically redirect straight to the app itself?)

  16. 1

    About: Free to play games.
    Advice: I really want to have more feedback about what can be improved.

  17. 1

    It's a product which lets you customize Google Forms :).

  18. 1

    Hey Kieran!

    We just launched the website at:

    A few things I織m unfortunately aware of:
    CTA is in black, might be better in orange or any other signal colour but this matches best with the background pic.
    Speaking of which, background pic should be neutral, still not sure what else to use.
    On some browsers the actual MVP part, where people can decentralized swap coins for the best price across 13 DEses is below the fold, and user might need to scroll down. Not sure what織s more important here, the video explaining our ideas or the actual services.
    Anyway, would be happy to get some feedback from your side!

    Best, Werner

  19. 1

    I made 3 free web templates (html5/css/js) here:
    would love to head any feedback to all 3 designs and the main page too.

  20. 1

    A site where smartphone enthusiasts can create personal timelines of owned phones.

    I am a fullstack developer, and the design was made without any mocks, i've improved it in time with multiple iterations.

    I would like a feedback about how bad (or not that bad) the overall result is :D.

    Thank you!

    1. 2

      I can tell you right away. There is only one bland color. Add saturation and secondary color. You should use like 60% primary color, 30% secondary color and 10% complementary color.

      1. 1


        The landing page is a mix of colors.. by bland color do you mean the light blue? or the cyan-alike?

        In other pages I'm mostly use one base color (which has multiple variations, darken or lighten, or new tones with transparent overlays) and a secondary one.

        For eg:

        I know i have a lot to learn about colors.. I always struggle


  21. 1

    Hey Kieran, thanks for offering to to do this!

    Just the landing page of please.

    Streakoid is a social daily task tracker.

    My biggest confusion is the benefits this offers over other task trackers.

  22. 1

    Congrats on launching Heeed Kieran! The idea sounds great.
    I'm curious, how are you planning to monetize it?

    I just posted Browse AI on Heeed. A couple of things I noticed:

    If you want to see what the formatted post would look like, check out my post on IH.

    1. 1

      Hey @ardalan thanks for submitting your page to, I just took a look through and added some feedback on there!

      Also, yes you are right my "very basic markdown" seemed to not be working across the site, but should be fixed now. I do plan on making a much better markdown tool, but for an mvp I figured the basics shall do for now.

      Also, thank's for catching that lorem-ipsum. The amount of that I miss is incredible

      As for monetization, whilst in the MVP stage I will be keeping everything free and ad-free. However once all the bugs are fixed and core features are in place, my initial ideas are to serve basic ads from "partners/affiliates" that I believe offer something valuble to the community (Maybe a landing page builder with money off, for example).

      I also plan for the reputation system to evolve into something more usable (badges for niches/areas of expertise, etc) with this sort of feature, I could add a job-board for those looking to hire someone to help with their page (design, dev, content, marketing, whatever) and use the badge/rep system as a way to identify who among the applicants are best suited (essentially, some social proof connected to a profile)
      I imagine I would charge for a job-posting.

      There are a few other ways I am thinking of monetizing too, but need to flesh out more of the details for those first.

      I hope you like heeed, and do let me know if you have any feedback at all. Whether its possible features to consider, ways to improve generally, or ways you think I could monetize

      1. 1

        Hey Kieran.

        That was quick! The formatted description looks much better now.

        Interesting strategy. Looking at it as a marketplace, I guess once you have a large number of active providers (ppl providing feedback) and consumers (ppl asking for feedback), there's a lot of ways you can monetize it.

        Thank you so much for spending the time and writing such a great feedback. So much helpful info in there.

        One more feedback about Heeed: Comments should have a permalink so we can easily share them with others when there are multiple comments on a page.

        1. 1

          Yeah luckily I had already built it, but my rules just weren't working.

          Yup for sure, a community is an amazing thing and I certainly do not want to take advantage by charging for basic use, or spam with ads, so I think providing a way for users to get increased value one way or another is my goal. I am very much a fan of the freemium/premium model. Allowing basic use for those who want that, and advance features behind a membership (or something).

          I am glad the feedback was helpful :)

          That is another good idea and something I actually overlooked! It is funny because I have been given so many good ideas, usually i would skip the MVP but, I am glad i didn't this time, released early and got a chance to have so much positive input from people such as you!

          I hope to see you around on there and, if you have any ideas on how to increase conversations on heeed or anything else, please let me know!

          1. 1

            Will do! Good luck Kieran!

  23. 1

    Hey thanks for doing this!

    Would love to get thoughts on:

    It is a real esate tech solution for realtors and clients to work together!

    I'm trying to understand if the messaging is clear and the appeal for realtors to use this product jumps out.

    1. 1

      Morning @PrimePatel! Thanks for submitting your page.

      As you may have seen on others replies, I go from top to bottom, writing my thoughts, ideas, etc as I go. So, let's jump in.

      First off, the hero-section is great. The tageline is simple, the description tells me what to expect, and the colors/illustration work nicely.

      Next the into-section. The images show it is responsive (although, some may confuse the mobiles for an app, I wouldn't worry too much, but if yo udid want to make it obvious it is not an app, maybe add in a browser-bar much like your mac-example?)
      The example image looks a little fuzzy, or maybe even stratched/distorted? Not sure, but something looks off/hard to read.
      Is it worth considering a Gif on this section? Maybe just show dragging cards back and forth, or clicking a card or two, just show some functionality?
      Also, do you feel that screen is a good average of most important + visually pleasing?

      your three "Feature Rows" look good. There is quite a lot of text to read, and it is hard to "scan read" the important parts. Is it possible to summaraize these or shorten the bullet points to single lines, straight shooting points?

      The "made for all" section is really nice. I can quickly see if it is for me and my position, and why. I wonder if down here is the best place for this? Maybe something to A/B test?

      On pricing, "contact us" can create friction, because if a team if $59, and then no price for the next option, not knowing a price range could put potential customers off. Obviously I do not know what your pricing is based upon, but if it is possible give a way for users to see an example "An average brokerage size of 50 people costs just X a month".
      Alternatively, is there a way you can do something similar to Figma where, you pay a set fee, "$50 per month" then an extra $X per extra broker? that way, users know exactly what to expect. Again, maybe not possible but worth mentioning.

      in your final cta/sign up, I would suggest adding in a nice illustration that matchs the others on your page, just to keep consistency and liven it up a little :)

      Over all, the page is nicely designed and well laid out. Only some minor suggestions and nothing I would say as super urgent. However, I would love to know if/when you do make any changes and, feel free to post to when you do for a follow up :D

      1. 1

        Thanks a lot for taking the time to leave thorough feedback.

        I'll play around with the gif to see if I can get a recording in there as it would help illustrate the point better and look into shortening he feature bullet points. I'll post to your website once I've cleaned up few things!

        1. 1

          It is my pleasure!

          Yeah please do, I will make sure to re-check the changes :)

  24. 1

    Screencasts to make better google sheets.
    I think the landing page could use some illustrations. Something to break up the copy and add energy.

    1. 1

      Hey @AndrewKamphey ! Thanks for submitting your page :)

      You have a very unique page here and it is nicely done, feels very google-sheets.

      I guess the initial issue you probably ran into is, with limited width comes condensed space, so it is important to make the most use of it. Go through your copy and sections and decide what you can cut, or refine.

      Let's go through it section by section and I'll give my thoughts and ideas.

      So, the very start, I see the title, tagline and a description that seems a bit random to me, "short tutorials". Now, had you not said you do screencasts, and that it says it right in the title, I may nopt be 100% sure. And, even then, what exactly is a screencast? Maybe, your short description could be something along the lines of "Watch my series of video tutorials that will help you make better google sheets. My screencasts aim to (the insert your bullets)" So, not exactly that paragraph, but hopefully you get the idea.

      Other than that, the "above the fold" content is a good amount, and everything I need to see to decide to carry on is there.

      Scrolling down "My former boss is furious that I'm doing this." I like the humor, very personal and friendly. My kind of content!

      The appearance of glenn feels slightly random, let's continue and see if he can fit in elsewhere/a little better.

      History of your career products, maybe to make the page visually appealing you could use some sort of icons? They don't have to be exact icons, but close enough in relation (Team, Tools, Cloud/Cogs, calculator, newsletter/document, magnet) These could be as simple as two-tone from material icons, or something a bit more fancy. And, can be in list format as you have been doing, or in a 2x3 square grid, similar to google-drive and their grid systeem (to keep the google theme going)

      Ah, keith. I see now, you are tying in some quotes here and there. I like it but, again let's put a pin in those.

      Okie Dokie now the features kick in. The gifs are great, the ctone of voice is consistently very human-esk. However, it may be best to refine these, for example your paragraph on alternating colors could be "Learn the pros and cons of alternating colors" or "use how to properly use alternating colors to avoid common pitfalls". Not as freindly, but to the point. Also, remove the button repeat after each feature. Just one at the end is enough and will reduce scroll-time

      At the bottom now and a bundle of buttons. A little overwhelming. Let's start culling them.

      • I think as the buy-section is below this, we can remove the "i want in" all together.
      • The custom build, could live under the gumroad window (why would they custom buy before knowing what the normal price is) add a small description as to what a custom build is.
      • Ah, you have a testimonials page. I see the temptation of scattering in testimonials but, on a page this narrow it feels more random, than it does helpful. But, that may just be me.

      So, we are left with "I'm not convinced, what's inside, testimonials and free tips"

      I would say, testimonials live in the not convinced category. If they are clicking testimonials, theya re also, not convinced.
      Maybe, turn the tips into a signup form and add that to the top of not convinced too, if they are not convinced or ready to buy, they may head there and signup instead.

      This would leave you with "what's inside" (which could be argued as not convinced) and "not convinced" one seems like an action "im interested tell me more" the other "not sure, convince me"

      As for your thought on it being a little simple, I disagree. There is a lot of content in a small amount of space. If this was normal width, it would only be 2 pages tall.
      I would focus on making sure the layout, padding, and typography is all consistent. Images are not needed if the font is beautifully formatted :)

      I hope this helps you, and update me on any changes you make! :)

      1. 1

        Wow that's a lot to unpack. This is amazing!
        Here's what I've done so far:

        • Changed "Screencasts" to "Short Video Tutorials"
        • Made bullets into emojis
        • deleted 3 buttons.
        • Cut down the buttons to: What's Inside? and Custom Build.

        Check out the new look,

        1. 1

          I am glad it helped, I know it is a lot but, I find it easier to write as i go, giving first impressions/thoughts.

          Short video tutorials, much clearer
          Emojis are certainly good enough, just make sure to space them a little (they currently touch the text)
          and the 2 buttons look much cleaner.

          Something I may have skipped is, the alignment (see the button spacing from edge vs section above) is off. Make sure they are all the same width for the sake of consistency!

          1. 1

            I think I just fixed the button alignment issue by moving the button.

            What can I do for you?

            1. 1

              Oh nice!

              Nothing at all, just keep me or in mind if you every need some more feedback :)

  25. 1

    Because you're helping, I'd like to offer some feedback too:
    I would include a CTA on the projects to leave feedback for the projects which would be a CTA to signup/in and help that project. A Clearer next step on the page would be good I think.

    1. 1

      @tobyallen I love the idea, I guess it is something I overlooked. Where do you see this cta living? On the list of all projects, or on the project itself above the comment button? (maybe below the "information" sidebar card?

  26. 1

    Hello Kieran, congratulations on the launch, and thank you for offering to provide us with feedback!
    "a newsletter to discover talented emerging artists"

    Would love to get more of our subscribers to click on the "listen to this newsletter's playlist on Spotify" and also to "share the newsletter with another music lover". Any other feedback will be much appreciated as well.

  27. 1

    This comment was deleted 4 days ago.

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