May 11, 2019

Getting traffic to your MVP. Thoughts?

Valentijn van den Hout @vvdhout

Hi everybody 👋

I was just wondering how you have set out getting traffic to your MVP.

Listing on Indiehackers is a great thing and maybe once on Hackernews (although that already feels a bit misplaced) but after that, what are your go to methods? You obviously do not want to spam those platforms. AdWords (quite expensive), Facebook Ads, posting on forums in relevant communities?

What has worked best for you? Would love to hear your experience. 🤙


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    You will have to put in some work here....the list is long...but combined each site has MILLIONS of daily users

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      Resource of note, thanks!

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    The easiest and quickest way is to setup ads. It really depends on what your budget is, but if you have the money to drive some traffic, there is no faster way to get eyes on your product.

    For one B2B product, we went old school and manually built a list, sent cold emails and made phone calls.

    With no budget, we've done stuff like guest blogging, forums, find relevant communities, meetups, facebook groups.

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      Hi Igrabes,

      Thank your for the reply. Yeah it seems like that is the way to go. AdWords is probably the easiest way to get target traffic, just on the expensive side. But then again, quality leads for feedback is worth quite a bit.

      Thanks again 🤙

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        No problem, good luck!

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    Try to figure out where your audience is and direct sell to them one by one without being salesy aka try to understand what problems they have and help them. Even if your product isn't a solution for their current issues you can recommend them to someone you know or, at least, give your best advice. In the end, everything will pay off. The ripple effect and the word of mouth are often underestimated in terms of "free" marketing.

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    Who is your users? Where are they spending time looking for solutions?

    I have a tool in Beta now for Instagrammers. I frequently post in and am an active community member of Instagram influencer FB groups, and on LinkedIn.

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      Hi Andrew!

      Those questions do help. Found some subreddits that help me get in touch with some of them.

      Thanks for sharing!

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        What language, or rather phrases do they use to ask for help? I just tried the other day searching twitter for "grow my Instagram" a ton of people talking about different aspects and I responded to a few. No conclusions yet but I thought an interesting way to get a few initial users.

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          Absolutely. Reddit seems to be kind of in the same trend. Quora is neat as well. Gives you an idea of what people are looking for,

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    I personally haven't released my MVP yet, but Product Hunt and Reddit seem like good places to start.

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      Hey! Thanks for sharing.

      I feel PH is something that requires a bit of a developed product. At least in some sense. I am currently really at the landing-page/ask questions type of stage. But PH is awesome to get a product out there that is ready for that kind of traffic. I agree that reddit is probably a bit of a better place to get feedback in the early, early stage. Subreddits can be incredibly useful for finding the right people.

      Good luck with your project!

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        Well, Reddit is a home for communities. So whatever community your app is mostly targeting you can probably find them there. Product hunt is similar to Reddit in that things people like get upvoted as well as provide feedback. It is a good place to validate the idea.

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    Depends a ton on who you're trying to reach. Who is your audience?

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