March 3, 2019

Good examples of paid newsletters?

Rosie Sherry @rosiesherry

I'm curious to find examples of people who are making money from paid newsletter subscriptions (like Substack).

There are some mentioned here, but wondering if there is more to add to the list?

Anyone here do that? or know of one?

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    Stratechery is great. +1 for that.

    On a non-tech note, I'm told that Cleaning The Glass is good for basketball fans.

    I literally just wrote a blog post about how to set up your own paid email subs newsletter :) -

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      <3 thanks for bumping this. I even do public numbers here on IndieHackers

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        Just read up on your charged newsletter journey, thanks for sharing @ow

  2. 2 by Ben Thompson is great.

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      I signed up for that the first time I saw it, largely based on the recommendations and testimonials from other folks I trust.

      I'd like other similar ones also... I'm on a mission to read less average, temporary stuff (i.e. Hacker News frontpage) and more deep, timeless stuff. So paid newsletters feel a good fit for the type of info I want (assuming of course that paid==quality).