May 8, 2019

Google Ads question

Davis Baer @DavisBaer

I have a question about Google Ads.

If someone clicks on a Google Ad, and then becomes a customer with a monthly recurring payment, does Google track that conversion value for as long as that customer keeps paying, OR does it only track until the conversion window ends?

I have the conversion window set to the maximum 90 days, but if a customer keeps on paying after 90 days, will that no longer be represented in the reporting?

Do I just have to keep track of customer LTV separately and adjust the bids based on that?

Any Google Ads experts here? 🤓

  1. 2

    As far as I know, yes you need to track CLV separately! The conversion is just tracked when an event or destination url on the site is triggered and I haven't seen a way to make it track recurring.

  2. 1

    On Google Ads you need to set up a conversion event.
    Usually, a conversion is fire if a certain page has been viewed (confirmation payement page basically), or if a button has been clicked.
    So the question is, does this conversion event happen just one time for each user, or each month?

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