Growth July 1, 2020

Hacking Twitter - Let's follow each other. (vol.2)

manyTomas @manyTomas

Hello, fellow indie hackers.
After a first successful session of twitter hacking, I believe that the time comes up for another one.

Let's follow each other. Post your twitter link below and grow together.

I would like to add some stats from the last hacking.

  • The post "Hacking Twitter - Let's follow each other" made it to the top of all time at with 71 likes and over 340 comments. (now sits at the 5. place).
  • I have followed over 300 people.
  • Get back over 150 follows (50% rate), which is excellent.
  • More than 20 000 twits impressions.
  • 700 profile visits.
  • Bonus - my Twitter wall is full of valuable twits now.

Here is my link -
Have a great day guys and thx for every one link.

EDIT (3.july 2020)
To make it easier to follow each other, I'm curating the list of all indie hackers who have joined the hacking twitter (vol.1 and vol.2) >> Open the list on Twitter

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    Followed! I'm at

    I've enjoyed seeing my feed full of awesome stuff from the last one.

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      +1? @vc101team (please lmk you're +1 from IH in the DM so I know to follow back lol!)

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    2. 2

      👋 👋 Following ; I am at

      Discuss about Product Management ! 📚📚

      1. 1

        ooooo... what kind of PM are you? "priority starts at the top" or "priority starts at the bottom"?

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        My notifications were crazy this morning! 😂 Followed you all back.

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      Followed! :)

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      Followed! Kindly follow back!

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        Thanks, followed back :)

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    Followed pretty much everyone here, thanks! You can find me at, and I'll follow back.

    On a related note, I've just created a small Slack group/channel where we follow each other and share posts from time to time to expand our reach on Twitter and LinkedIn. If anyone here is interested in joining, let me know!

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    Already following you @manyTomas. I will follow everyone here one by one.

    I am at

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      Great. Thank you!

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    That's so clever ! Followed.

    Here's mine:

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    Followed. I am at

    I talk about product building, Java, and Spring Boot

  6. 2 (new account as well)

    Mean to start tweeting things web dev and side project related

  7. 2

    Hey! I'm at
    I post about programming and other stuff. Thanks for the list btw!

  8. 2

    I'm at (new account)

    I don't tweet often but when I do, I try to keep it on topic i.e. data science related stuff

  9. 2

    Ah! Am I too late to get on this train?? Will give everyone on that list a follow now. Someone needs to build a tool to automate this!

  10. 2

    Followed! Nice idea, I will also check the list to find awesome hackers.

    I'm at

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      Glad to hear that! Followed you.

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    I have been working on my following a little each day, this is a great idea!

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    Followed you! Here is mine!

  13. 2

    Follow me at

    Trying to find an idea which I can execute.

  14. 2 (just followed you)

  15. 2

    I like this idea, I've only used Twitter to DM + spectate, but let's do this!!

  16. 2

    Nice. Let’s do it.

    Following everyone :)

  17. 2

    I mostly tweet about SaaS projects and software development

    1. 2

      Are you sure your link is accurate? It keeps saying that the term I entered didn't bring up any results.

      1. 1

        Oh yeah I recently changed my handle. Thanks for the catch! Just fixed it.

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    Good idea! Follow me at

  19. 2

    I never leave any indiehacker hanging and always follow back

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  20. 2

    You can find us at:
    We followed you also :)



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      I got you!

  21. 2

    Hello Tomas - glad to see the influx. I also saw an improvement for who I followed/received follows from.
    Love to continue!

    1. 1

      Glad to hear that.

  22. 2

    Hooray! Loved the last one.

  23. 2

    Tweet about tech, my tech struggles, and starting a Saas company with my stimulus check :)

  24. 2

    I’m an iOS dev building a fitness gamification app.

  25. 2

    Hi everyone, Here is mine:

  26. 2

    the software engineer who doing a startup is here

  27. 2

    Already a follower; here is mine:

  28. 2

    I enjoyed the first vol. 1 and followed lots of indie makers. Let's do this again:

    1. 1

      Me too!

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    Followed! Its social community for people to share funny content. The cool feature is the patented technology that can detect laughs!

  30. 1

    Build teams 💪 make things work on the internet 🌎 ship products 🚀
    Teamlead of

  31. 1

    Following everyone right now. My Twitter is weak AF, so could use a lil boost.

    Here's my handle:

  32. 1

    Followed! I'm over at

  33. 1

    Great idea, I'm in:

  34. 1

    👍🏻 fantastic community idea.
    I'm here:
    Currently adding everyone :-)

  35. 1

    Followed, (along with pretty much every one else in this thread.) Please follow me back at:

  36. 1

    Followed :) Find me here:

    So many great profiles to follow in this thread!

  37. 1

    I get to have the pleasure of following more awesome indie hackers I'm in.

  38. 1

    Hopefully not too late to chime in here. I'm and I mostly tweet about urbanism, bikes and coding, but I'm pretty eclectic.

  39. 1

    Amazing idea! Followed.

  40. 1

    Followed! You've convinced me to give Twitter another shot :)
    My profile:

  41. 1

    Are you in No Code space?

    Would love to start a conversation

  42. 1

    Followed! Do follow me at I write on product and marketing, as well as SaaS and VC. :)

  43. 1

    You can follow me at


  44. 1

    Just followed above. I'm at

  45. 1

    Nice! I was glad to take part in the first "hacking Twitter" edition.

    My profile is @thisiselies :)

  46. 1

    Followed! I'm at
    Tweeting about UX design, user research, new products and design methods

  47. 1

    Founder of DJ booking 🎧 Making side projects for fun and profit ✌️ Located in Bali 🌏

  48. 1

    I'm Mithun, creator of You can follow me at

  49. 1

    Followed! I'm at where I talk about Growth, my role as an Engineering Director at GitLab, and life in Sydney!

  50. 1
  51. 1

    👋👋Following everyone!

    Mine is

  52. 1

    Followed! Will also try to follow others in the comments! :)

    I've just started my twitter journey @

  53. 1

    Followed! 🙌
    I'm at where I tweet/retweet design, development and marketing stuff

  54. 1

    🔥🔥 Followed, here's mine
    Take a look at

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  56. 1

    Great idea! Will be good to get more entrepreneurial voices - I'm

    1. 1

      Following you!

  57. 1

    Hej! This is my newly started business, please follow :) I will follow back!

    1. 1

      Interesting idea! I want to see how you will get it to the next level.

      1. 1

        thanks! I want to see that either :D will definitely post about next steps :) We offer 14-day free tral if you want to test it, and if you have any questions email me at: [email protected] :)

  58. 1

    Hey! :) I am at and I usually tweet about products, development, parenting and morning coffee realisations.

  59. 1

    Followed! Im'm at

    Thks for the iniciative!

  60. 1

    Already follow each other, but if anyone else wants to exchange, here I am :)

    1. 1

      That was an intense following session. Will follow back anyone who follows me too.

  61. 1

    Again, I'm half ranting for this :D Sure, it's nice to have more followers but not a fan of follow4follow. On the other hand, I'm also using these IH threads as an opportunity to find about nice people.

    I'm always checking your bio, if you're not a value producer, I don't follow.

    You can check my bio at

    1. 1

      Thank you for your comment and also for retweeting my tweet about this post. I think it's an excellent opportunity for everyone. I remember when I joined Twitter and was lost because I didn't know who to follow back in 2014. Now, my wall is full of valuable tweets from likeminded people.

      Also, many people here do not post very often on twitter, and people who post, post valuable tweets.

  62. 1

    Is this still active? I am

    1. 1

      YES, it is very active!

  63. 1


    happy to retweet posts about your projects since we are a community for project-makers!

    1. 1

      Send me a message on twitter!

  64. 1
  65. 1

    Followed many of you!
    I'm available at

    1. 1

      Headsup, I tweet about startups, products, movies, series and memes!

  66. 1

    Hey folks 👋,

    I am Ram and I love building apps and websites. In fact, I've built quite a few of them. Would love to connect with y'all on Twitter

    1. 2

      I'm a big fan of Presentify! I found it on Hacker News and I've used it in quite a few Zoom calls already - v handy

      1. 1

        Thanks a million, @sunnyam. Really glad to hear this.

        I've updated it and added way more features since then. Do update it to check them out. ✌️

    2. 1

      Got you, man!

  67. 1
    1. 1

      Oh man I just followed 20 people by hand until I saw this! Great idea. Can you please add me? I'm @ihaveajob.

      1. 1

        DD-DONE Not Bob!

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    here it goes:

    See you over the interwebs !

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    Love this hack! Done to Tomas, kindly follow back ;)

  70. 1

    Awesome! Following everyone!

  71. 1

    I'm at
    Posting mostly about technology and startups and my journey of building

  72. 1

    My Twitter:

    Enjoyed this the last time!

  73. 1

    Excellent initiative. You can find Humlix here:
    I have followed you.

  74. 1

    Hey, Tomas! I'm @vc101team over on the Twitterverse. +1 Thanks for your post, it's so helpful!

    1. 1

      You are welcome!

  75. 1

    Great idea @manyTomas.

    I have followed you now :)

    I am at

  76. 1

    I'm at and I'll follow back everyone that replies to this :)

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      following, here's mine

      1. 1

        guys @sagunsh / @boristane +1? @vc101team (please lmk you're +1 from IH in the DM so I know to follow back lol!)

  77. 1

    Definitely followed!

    I’m at

    I mainly tweet about making remote work, well... work and elixir.

    However I’m currently working in cultivating the next generations of founders to invest in. So if you’re also interested in that please reach out.

  78. 1

    Twitter was a source of all my stress - all the political bullshit.Last week when this thread came about, I unfollowed all political tweeters and followed a bunch of you folks. Now, it's so much fun to scroll my feed.

  79. 1

    Hi, Great initiative.

    Here's my profile ->

    I am just 53 away from hitting the 1k milestone.

    I started at 300 in late April & now at 1k ( 53 to go)

    It's a great journey on twitter. I was also able to generate my first $1000 on Twitter :)

    1. 2

      +1? @vc101team (please lmk you're +1 from IH in the DM so I know to follow back lol!)

      1. 1

        sent you DM on twitter :)

    1. 1

      followed, here's mine

  80. 1

    Great idea :) Here's mine:

    We're running a publication with stories from engineers working on side-projects

  81. 1

    Followed! I'm at and love seeing a lot of indie hackers share their stuff!

  82. 1

    Really cool thread, I'm at

    I followed all of the folks commented in this thread :)

  83. 1

    Followed! I'm at

    Currently just 18 followers ;-) Can I break the big 2-0 today!!

  84. 1

    Let's go again 😁

    I am posting daily SEO tips, currently at 26 of 💯 (so 74 more days/tips left)

    Follow here 👉

  85. 1

    Just followed a few here:

  86. 1

    I'll follow back and if you're in melbs, I'll shout you a beer!

    1. 1

      Greetings fellow locked down neighbour 😃

      1. 1

        I may be there next month. Coffee's on you mate!

        1. 1

          Interstate travel to NSW for anyone from Victoria is banned! Keep your outbreak contained haha!! #overCOVID 🤭

  87. 1

    Tweeting and discussing mostly about web development

    1. 1


  88. 1

    I tweet about research, news and tactics for micropreneurs.

    1. 2


      1. 1


    2. 1

      @modus73 / @alexandra_yeo
      venture capital and startups.
      +1? @vc101team (please lmk you're +1 from IH in the DM so I know to follow back lol!)

    3. 1


  89. 1

    Just followed you!
    Here's mine:
    Nice stats btw ;)

    1. 1


  90. 0

    Here we go:

    I tweet about: startups and systems.

    1. 1

      yay startups! +1? @vc101team (please lmk you're +1 from IH in the DM so I know to follow back lol!)

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    Hey folks! I'm at

    Would love to interact with some awesome indie hackers :)

    1. 1

      +1? @vc101team (please lmk you're +1 from IH in the DM so I know to follow back lol!)

  92. 0

    I help first-time developers get their first-time paycheck
    and eventually join one of their dream companies.

    @theshteves 🚨

    ...and I love DM's from IndieHackers trying to get specific about their dream audience ;)

  93. 0
    I tweet about web dev, mobile dev (Flutter), and my indie projects!

  94. 0

    Following back over at! Pleased to meet everybody :)

    1. 1

      +1? @vc101team (please lmk you're +1 from IH in the DM so I know to follow back lol!)

  95. 0

    Would love to know more indiehackers on Twitter.

    Check out 𝐀𝐌𝐈𝐍 𝐌𝐄𝐌𝐎𝐍 (@AminMemon):

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    Followed! I would love follow more indie hackers!

    I am at

    I tweet about software dev in general and also about starting my own digital games platform!

    1. 1

      👋from Seattle :)

  97. 0

    I am a developer mostly tweet/retweet about coding ,solo entrepreneurs, side projects

    1. 1

      you forgot to add your twitter handle to the post! though I found it on your profile and followed you :)

      1. 1

        Me me me +1? @vc101team (please lmk you're +1 from IH in the DM so I know to follow back lol!)

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    Followed all as well <3

  99. 0

    I tweet about my startup, life, and how I am starting my startups with my stimulus check (and it's WORKING!)

    1. 1

      Interesting.Link is broken

      1. 1

        @breedaddy / @Dudeyes1
        +1? @vc101team (please lmk you're +1 from IH in the DM so I know to follow back lol!)

        1. 1


    1. 1


  100. 0
    1. 1


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    Hey Tomas!
    Followed you, you can also check my post a few month ago, I found a lot of great people from it:

    1. 1

      Hey, Dmitrii! +1? @vc101team (please lmk you're +1 from IH in the DM so I know to follow back lol!)

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