Have you made or do you know and use a good "life management system?"

I'm having this difficult-to-describe pain with managing my life. I've tried GTD tools such as Trello and Todoist, and at our company we have a CRM (HubSpot).

All these tools are great at what they do, but I feel like they always leave gaps. GTD tools lack an awareness of the relationships in my life, making it difficult to get the context I need. And I don't want to put all my personal relationships in our company CRM.

Courtland Allen wrote on Twitter:

Everyone runs a business. If you're an employee, that business is yourself. Interviewing was sales. Your salary is your pricing. You only have one customer, and the service you're selling may be generic enough for you to have millions of competitors. But you're still a business.

I think this is becoming more true every day. And personal life and work start to blend, especially for entrepreneurs.

I have conversations with friends in a plethora of ways, such as Slack (many groups), phone, SMS, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Facebook, forums, etc.

In an ideal world, there would be an app/a system that tied them all together and knew what happened where and what conversations I had with whom. And kept all my contacts in sync, and all my todos and resources were related to the right people, calendar events, etc.

Have you solved this problem? Or do you know someone who has? I would pay for such a service.

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    Hi Yngve, I'm building what you could call a "life management system" but without all of the communication features that you mentioned. I don't think it is what you are looking for but I believe there are elements that might interest you. You can have a look here: www.angstrom.life

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      This is exactly what I've been looking for! TAKE MY MONEY! 💰

      (That was rhetorical - I already signed up for an annual plan 😀)

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        Aw man... You're my first customer!!! :D I haven't even launched yet! Thank you so much!

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          Cool! First of many I hope 🎉

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      This looks super interesting! Kind of what I've been looking for - you have the value statement that I think a bunch of solo-IHers struggle with. A lot of software is built around collaboration, assigning tasks, etc....but what if there is only one person? I love it!

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      This is really, really good!

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        Muchas gracias Miguel!! Did you log in and try it?

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          Yes, I did. I'm planning my day as we speak.

          I think there is huge potential here. I have been a freelance/solopreneur for years and no tool out there has been appropriate to plan both my life and work without stumbling upon collab features that I won't need.

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            Super :) Would you mind sending me a mail to [email protected]? I read your post on the 17th of April and would like to have a chat.

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      Thanks for sharing. Looks good!

      How do you think about the relationship aspects?

      FYI: I typed "angstrom.life" (without the "www") into my browser and got an error. I had to add the subdomain to get to your page. On subsequent attempts, Chrome knows that the subdomain is required, so the error stops appearing. To reproduce with curl (this works repeatedly):

      ➜  ~ curl http://angstrom.life
      curl: (6) Could not resolve host: angstrom.life
      ➜  ~ curl https://angstrom.life
      curl: (6) Could not resolve host: angstrom.life
      ➜  ~ curl https://www.angstrom.life
      <!doctype html>
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        Thanks for pointing that out! I'll look into it right now.

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      This comment was deleted 2 years ago.

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    It's an area that I would love to see something done. I want a way to build up, manage and create my own little community, that is relevant to me, and not a pain to maintain.

    @theBrandonWu is working on some ideas around this.

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      Yeah, "my own little community" is a good way of putting it.

      Do you mean https://markd.co/?

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        Yes, but I think there may be changes coming to it. Idk for sure :)

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          Thanks for the shout out @rosiesherry! We are certainly working on answering the question of how we can stay organised with contacts/people/network/meetings... across the web and different platforms. We are doing a big design update atm, and after that hoping to stay transparent with how we plan to tackle this. Stay tuned. @yhoiseth let me know if I can ask you a few questions (call or email) to help me understand where the pains are. (And thanks again Rosie for the call!)

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            Sure thing. See https://yngve.hoiseth.net/ for contact details.

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    I don't think it is possible to create a one-fits-all tool. I never met two people who had similar needs in terms of 'time management' tools. So people either adjust the tool (and it's easy to with pen and paper) or adjust themselves to fit the model that model implements.
    And also if I may ask, are you sure it's not perfectionism that makes you look for such a tool?

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    I think the main challenge is that as individuals, we all have different preferences, needs and goals. It's one thing to build a product for businesses, and another to build something so personal as a "life management system".

    That's why we have so many different task management apps, none of which can meet everyone's needs.

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    I should note that I asked a similar question on Product Hunt three weeks ago, but haven't received any answers.

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