Community Building April 4, 2020

Hey, where is everyone from? 🌎 Let's connect! 🚀

Yugen @yugen

Mention your name, country & what do you do.

Maybe you'll find someone you need in the thread 💪🏻

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    Rosie, (Brighton) UK, I build communities.

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      Nice. Please give me tips of improving my community it is an educational forum for students in universities and colleges in my country. I have a limited budget but I need people to come onboard and be active.

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      Hey Rosie! Great to connect! Btw, is an awesome thing! Maybe you should add a subscriber's field? Because I was searching for one to subscribe to your content! Keep hustling, Rosie 🚀

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        Thanks for checking it out. The subscriber thing is on my todo list.

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    Copenhagen, Denmark! Digital Product Designer by day, and founder of by night ✌️

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    Hello from Poland 🇵🇱 Just started to work on Wishpy, more details soon.

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      Me too man! Looking for a side hustle!

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    Hello 👋- Matt checking in from NYC. The first startup I founded just got acquired late last year and I'm helping with the transition now. The quarantine is giving me time to take a breather and poke around on some areas I've been interested in. I've also been enjoying reading the threads here on IH. Nice to meet you all!

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    Ahmedabad, India - I build tech products. Currently building one of the fastest-growing content community platforms for the global startup ecosystem -

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      Great to connect, neighbor!

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        Good to connect.

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    Bangalore, India - I help companies or brands with marketing and growth. I'm currently offering paid Zoom sessions where I join the founders in brainstorming ideas to boost their user/revenue growth.

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      That's amazing!

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    Arvind, I’m in London currently.

    I’m an iOS Developer by the day. Keen on problem solving of all kinds otherwise.

    I’ve been lurking around IH for what feels like a long time now.

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    New York 🗺
    Tech Web Designer

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    Shantanu, From India

    Recently launched the Invocial app where you can post photos, tag brands & get rewards 👉

    (Lookin for an investor who invests in this app idea & works together to shape the future of Invocial)

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    Am comrade from Kenya. A community enthusiast. but still a beginner.

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    Out here in Brooklyn, New York. 💪

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      Broooooklyn 🥂

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    Noida, India - Final year CS undergrad student. I'm new to the community and interested in starting a side project.

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      What are your tech skills, Archit? Maybe I can help you.

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        I'm experienced in MERN stack and open to learning other tech stacks. Will be happy to connect.

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    Simon, Sweden - Part time freelance software developer and part time product developer ✌

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    Andrei, (Bergen) Norway.

    I keep building stuff.

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    New Westminster, BC, Canada (Vancouver).

    What do I do? My full time job is recovering from a near-fatal crash, I'm on disability and it sucks. When I was working I did tech/data/compliance for insurance companies.

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      That sounds really tough man 😶 I really hope you get ok soon & get back to what you loved to do. Take care, brother ♥️

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    Vicky, India. Full-time Windows Application developer and Working on Web Scraping API as Side Project.
    Happy to connect.

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    Temirlan from Almaty, Kazakhstan 🇰🇿I am building a nocode school. Currently consulting & blogging as experiments.

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    Ehmad from Lahore, Pakistan. I lead tech teams at my day job. My side hustle is my Software Development Agency that is in its nascent stages. Happy to connect

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    Suppp! I'm in Winnipeg, Canada. Fun fact, it was once colder in Winnipeg than Mars(the planet).

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    Hi ! Karim Lahrichi, from Canada (Laval city).
    Work as a data scientist. Also teach at University and so some online mentoring.
    Nice to meet you all !

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    Hey @yugen this is Felix from Hong Kong. I invest and accelerate early stage startups. Proficient in growth, ux design and data science.

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      Hey @felix12777, let's connect via email. I have a business for us.
      Just drop me an email at [email protected].

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        Can you please elaborate on how we can extend the conversation?

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    Punia, San Francisco (US), currently thinking about building a product that lets you IPO your social capital. Previously an investor at Draper Associates.

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    Bangkok, Thailand. Software engineer a day, motivating to be self-entrepreneur at night.

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    Dave from Dublin, Ireland. Currently live in Marbella, Spain. I have built and launched an assessment platform for developers!

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    Vincent, (Paris) France, I am building a service that create augmented reality filters for brand on social media and on the web.

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    👋 Purvish from Bangalore, India 🇮🇳

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    Chris, Hampshire UK, I build a support tool to help startups and Small companies.

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    Chris, Germany (Munich), I build SaaS products for designers (

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    Chris! I'm from The Netherlands, but currently staying (lockdown) in South Africa (Cape Town).

    I'm a full-stack developer/solution architect by day and blogger by night. 👋

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    Demetris from Larnaca, Cyprus.
    My full time job is Software Engineer for IoT applications on Cellular modems using C.
    As a hobbyist and for side projects I build web applications using Ruby & Rails and lately Vue.js for frontend.

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    Arne - (Ghent/Lebbeke) Belgium - partime CS student, partime building online services in PHP and C#

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      Cool, what do you build in PHP?

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        I am reworking my analytics SaaS (using PHP in the back)
        Coding part: adding events
        Business part: rewriting business plan and (possibly) change business name

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    It's Antonio, Italy, thesis in Computer Vision in Soccer, working in a startup for NLP, trying to create a platform for coders! I hope you're fine man!

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    Melbourne, Australia

    Any other Aussies here?

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      Yep, southbank checking in.

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        Richmond here! Yeeah buddy.

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          Supp boi. How bad's the weather today?

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            Hah, well a) It's Melbourne, and b) It's not like we're really supposed to be outside anyways! :)

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              Lmao true that!

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      Hey Stefan! I have sent you an email regarding Flipping websites.
      Great to connect, thanks :)

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    I am in HCMC until corona restrictions are over. Let me know if you are here :).

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    Hi My name is Bert, and I am new to IH hoping to design and build a biofuel powered hybrid locomotive.

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    i'm here in San Francisco right now. i build community and software.

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    Irfan, Indonesia, finance staff by day IndieHackers by night

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    Hernan from Argentina but currently living in Thailand. I love build solutions for marketing automation. I've created ReportMyAds.

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    Carine in virginia. Recently got laid off (covid-19) and I've been sitting on an idea for a couple years, going to start working on it... I guess this is a blessing in disguise? We'll see.

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    Montreal, Canada - I am new to community and am currently building a marketplace for datasets.

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    Tim, Singapore, Working on my own side projects (

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    Hunter, Orlando FL. Day job is embedded engineering. Side projects in react and firebase.

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    Mudit, Delhi(India), Sr. Full stack developer with 5 years plus experience in developing production ready web apps from white board stories.

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    Matias, Argentina < SEO < programming

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    Austin, Texas USA

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    Erol, Bulgaria - solving problems for a living

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    Building an ecosystem where students will learn, work and earn.

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    Ibzy from Paris, developer at Kreezalid (Marketplace builder)

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    Hello, I'm Patrick from Poland and I found Voxes where you can manage feedback and share product development :)

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      Siema 👋

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    Between Åland Island, Finland abd Alicante, Spain.

    I work for a world wide known Swedish retail company.I teached my self how to front end and ui design in late 2017. I started my side project in the january of 2019 and launched on May same year with the goal of becoming a solo entrepreneur and be independent and I am getting there...

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    São Paulo and Berlin (back and forth)
    I‘ve been teaching myself code and product for a few years now, with the purpose of building an all in one workspace for streamlining the process of live events, for festivals, showcase conferences, agents and artists.
    Currently in closed beta.

    On the side I also produce my own warehouse parties, Dj, meditate and currently exploring astral projection.

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    Kortrijk, Belgium - Software developer and former accountant working in a fintech SaaS scale-up. Working on side projects (web development) in my free time.

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    Haythem, Paris, France

    I'm a full-time software architect and I work on side projects on my free time (more and more with the COVID-19 crisis).

    Your feedback is much appreciated.

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    Jeff, Orlando, FL - U.S.
    I'm a full-stack engineer looking to learn more about creating a SAAS. I'm also interested in working on project ideas.

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    Cristi, London UK (originally from Romania)

    I build search engines, recommender systems and other data-heavy components for startups.

    Hit me up if you need some tech consulting.

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    Abdullah Mosibah, Bahrain & creator of

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    Edmond, Oklahoma....logistically centered right in the middle of the USA. I'm a recovering relational database developer (specialist) that has embraced the transition into being much more of a generalist these days....user experience, user-centered, design thinking, UI/UX, HCI, etc.

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    Jason, Princeton, NJ, US

    I'm a CS student at Yale University and have been working on two SaaS applications as side projects.

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    Athens, Greece, building and managing

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