Landing Page Feedback August 17, 2020

Honest feedback on my landing page V2


Hi fellow indiehackers!

I have recently worked on a new landing page for my service, and would be very glad to get your valuable feedback. Don’t be afraid to roast me, all I need is to be aware of mistakes, lacks and confusion, so I identify improvements that need to be made.

Here’s the link (english):

For those speaking french, here you go!

Thank you all!

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    The visual look & feel of the landing page is fine. However the copy and sales pitch just didn't work for me. Every tool dealing with email has the same few things to say - better organised, don't miss out on the important stuff, spend less time, avoid spam, etc etc.

    Without a video or many screenshots I don't know what your tool actually does and whether I agree with your version of "better email" or not.

    IMO in this space you cannot explain the awesomeness of your product with words. You have to show and tell.

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      thanks for the feedback @saurabhnanda, appreciate it. Something I have not explained on my LP is that the service is actually NOT an email client, it defines its own now communication protocol to fix all the emails flaws. I think I may need to clearly explain that. And definitely I think I can't avoid a visual walkthrough, I agree that words are not enough.

      Thanks again!

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