Growth March 31, 2020

How are job boards growing?

Sai @SaiVas

Hi guys,

I'm the founder of How's It Like - Find Jobs and Companies by Culture.

Although these are tough times for everyone, I'd like to know some tips from people running other job boards to be prepared once everything gets back to normal.

I would like to know how other job boards are reaching quality job seekers? What strategies worked for you? And any other tips in general for growth.

At the moment I see good amount of traffic and sessions on the site and trying to reach more quality job seekers.

Any help is much appreciated.


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    We launched five days ago on Hacker News and Product Hunt and for the month of March, we are at 15k users and 100-400 daily active. To get more growth, I posted/updated communities where my audience hangs out and made my posts personal.

    I try my best to post like I'm talking to my peers. I talk to them about my current struggles of finding a dev job and how I've built the site for myself and others.

    Today, I wrote an update about how we gain so much traffic during our launch. Check it out if it interests you.

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      That's a very good launch and def. helpful! Good luck!

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    I just launched three days ago and got to 150 Daily Active Users so far. I know that number isn't much but people are spending at least 3 mins on the site. I hope this phase helps us to grow faster.

    Good luck with how is it like :)

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      that's a good score, how did you advertised?

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        So far I have just posted it on a few platforms like Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook. Most of the traffic came from Reddit and IH.

        Also, as the number of job posts go up, I expect to see some organic traffic directly from Google.

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      Hey that's good to know and hope it grows soon. All the best!

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    It's really cool to see all the different approaches that people are coming up with for the job market.

    For me, I thought that job boards needed to feel way more personal: it would be great to see companies that are hiring and that are recommended by their current employees.

    Hence, I released a super quick MVP of the idea Mostly focused to jobs in tech ATM.

    Truth is, the traffic is too low for now to extract any learnings, and furthermore I have no clue what could be the next steps for this project...!

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    I think a good strategy may be to use structured data to post jobs on Google Jobs to get organic traffic ( In this case, your offers must have their own url with a description and other information. You can also use LinkedIn and Twitter by posting each offer and increasing your subscribers with growth hacking strategies. Good luck :)

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      Hey this is awesome. Didn't hear this earlier. Thanks for this tip!

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    In your particular case I suggest giving a reason why a given company posting matched the criteria. If I selected "teamwork" what does it mean? I want to see a paragraph explaining why this particular company has a team oriented on "teamwork". Otherwise it's just empty.

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      Hey, thanks for your valuable feedback. Yes, we are working on adding dedicated company culture profiles with details on most of their values.

      A sample culture profile of a company on our platform is

      Let me know if this is something you might look for. Our plan is to get similar profile for every company through 1-1 interviews on their culture and work environment.

      This page is tagged to every job for that company when you search for jobs on the home page.


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    We launched https://www.employremotely 4 weeks ago and did similar launches to others in this thread (Hacker News, Makerlog, IndieHackers).

    One thing we have found makes a difference is engaging with your audience, our service focuses on developers only and as a developer myself I had a bit of insight into where my audience is online (Twitter, Reddit etc).

    Although engaging with the audience is great it can also be time consuming so remember to not neglect your product. Making sure the jobs have all the relevant information, are categorised well, indexed in Google Jobs and are transparent will go a long way.

    Good luck!

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      Interesting to know this..