March 22, 2019

How can I make managing relationships better?

Brandon Wu @theBrandonWu

It dawned on me today that if I am building a tool to make managing professional relationships easier for entrepreneurs, shouldn't I reach out to the IndieHackers community? If anyone is interested in a new personal CRM / relationship management tool, I'd love to jump on a quick 30 min call and chat!

The main thing I want to understand is how you manage professional relationships, what tools do you use personally, and with your team. Are there any major pain-points you'd like to remove in managing relationships, hiring, or professional networking in general?

background info: this is the project

Please email me at [email protected] if anyone is interested. Thanks so much!


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    I've tried MonicaHQ before but never really got into it. For a personal CRM, I want to use one, but can't quite get into it for some reason.

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      Thanks for the reply Michal! What did you not like about using MonicaHQ? Would it be ok if we jump on a quick 30 min call to chat? :-)

      (btw I lived in Seattle for a few years - miss the place! )

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        Happy to give feedback, but a call is .. a big ask, and a 30 minute call is a commitment! :) I'll reply here for now but if you want you can reach me at [email protected].

        Specifically I think I didn't like having to populate contacts in Monica. Gmail already has a lot of emails, as does iCloud, and both will give a sense of the frequency with which I communicate with a given person.

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          Thanks for the note about Monica Michael!

          Totally understand a call is a big ask :) I'll email you with a few questions if you wouldn't mind - and feel free to add any more thoughts too!

          Thanks again!

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    I signed up for your tool a while back, haven't had the opportunity to go back to it. It's a topic/challenge that I'm very interested in. I would love to chat.

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      Thanks so much for the reply @rosiesherry! I just sent you a quick email to connect. 👍

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    Hi @theBrandonWu

    Here is some feedback from my side, as I'm also having a personal CRM app out there.

    • Letting users create an account and install a browser extension before they can see the value of your project is a hard sell
    • Some people won't install a browser extension that has access to all websites
    • I can't add people without the browser extension

    I think the value proposition [to save and organize prospects, partners, creators, candidates, investors, influencers] is very good. However, why would I have to do that 'work' myself? I'm wondering if it would be more valuable if you could save and organize relevant investors or influencers for my product? The influencers space is very hot right now, so you might want to pivot towards that.

    As others mentioned below, MonicaHQ is a great example of a personal CRM. It is definitely inspirational for me. And I'd even like to suggest to you to make your extension work with MonicaHQ directly. If I could save a profile from a website directly into MonicaHQ, that would be valuable. This way you could easily validate your product, and extend it from there.

    All the best!

    @rosiesherry, @HeedyHeady
    I'm working on an iOS app that reminds you to stay in touch with family, clients, co-workers or friends. Would appreciate your feedback as well if you have an iOS device. Thanks!

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      Thanks for the reply @wousser! The topic around finding contacts automatically is something I've thought about quite a bit, but haven't gotten to a good solution yet. I agree, it's a big value add if we can figure out a good solution!

      And thanks for sharing your app - will check it out too!

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    Though a browser extension is useful, a native mobile product would have been even better. These days, all of our existing contacts are in our phone book and our social accounts. A native mobile product would merge these social accounts with phone book contacts and give us access on one platform - Markd.
    Additionally, we usually meet new people in social settings. Relatively speaking, mobile is much more accessible at that time (or immediately after the meeting) and hence would be preferred over browser extension for adding new people as contacts.
    Happy to discuss more on this.

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      Thanks for the feedback @HeedyHeady! Would you mind if I follow up with a few more questions via email or a survey link? Keen to understand how people manage their professional contacts! :)

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