How could you make your runway infinitely long?

Earlier this year, I decided I wanted to start and go full-time on my business. In June, I put in my notice, and in month 1, I billed over $4000 in revenue.

I have spent years dreaming about being self-employed, but I always felt like my ideas weren't good enough or it would take too long to make a living. I have a family to provide for, so while we keep our living expenses low, I am not in a position to make no money for two years while I get a SaaS off the ground.

Courtland Allen's 2018 talk at MicroConf changed my perspective. If you haven't seen it yet, go watch it now.

Instead of worrying about how I was going to build something, what the business model would be, or how much I was going to chart, I started thinking, "What could I do right now that would allow me to build infinite runway? How could I become self-employed tomorrow so that I have the freedom to figure out everything else?"

So, what could you do tomorrow to build yourself an infinitely long runway? What excuses are you making not to pursue it?

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