Growth December 2, 2019

How did you find your ideal customers?


I've managed to get 4 paying customers for my newsletter-as-a-service company but I know that I haven't found a market for whom my service is a burning need. The fact that I have people signed up means that it is valuable but I haven't found the marketplace that needs it the most.

Did you test out one target market at a time and see which one gained the most traction or did you work on one target market and iterate until you met their most important need?

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    Your service makes sense, and there's definitely a need.

    Before you market, your landing page needs work.

    • I don't know what you're selling right away.
    • The design is not professional, and doesn't inspire me.

    Some notes:

    [1] clearly explain what you do above the fold
    "we'll make you a monthly newsletter that increases retention, engagement, and sales"

    The center aligned text looks bad and unprofessional.

    [2] Focus on the benefits:

    • increase customer retention and engagement
    • increase sales
    • zero effort

    [3]Talk to your users to get testimonials. Show those

    [4] For your client referrals, show the important stats:

    • list size
    • open rate
    • click rate
    • sales

    [5] Your newsletters are nice, though, so show one of those inline (no need to click)

    [6] For pricing, add a 2x/month plan for $175.
    4x / month should say 4 emails per month, not 1 email per week (keep it consistent through all pricing models.

    [7] Don't show "20 left" for all pricing plans -- show a different # left for each to show some scarcity.


    When you're looking at growth, cold outreach emails are good. Content marketing will be useful, i.e. have a "how to make a newsletter that sells" article as a lead magnet, give it away + require an email signup.

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      Thanks for the great feedback, focusing on making the perfect landing page has previously been my downfall so I guess I rushed this one so that I could start validating the idea ASAP. I am definitely going to work on the copy and layout this week.

      Would you suggest I place the example newsletters higher up the fold?

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        I would have it about halfway down the page -- usually after the testimonials is good (prime the visitor to expect something good).

        Cheers & good luck

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          Cheers mate

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    First off it does look like an interesting service. I would be interested in using the service but I have a few questions before I sign up and I want to make sure it will work for my B2B enterprise service before I sign up. So how do I contact you? I could not find a contact option on the homepage.

    Like @sobbuh mentioned the homepage needs some work.

    A few things

    1. Needs a contact option of some kind
    2. What you are offering is not clear. Do you find relevant sites for my business and then extract interesting links from there. Or do I need to provide a list of sites and you will take the latest content from there and post it?
    3. I did not know the newletters were clickable till I read the post here.
    4. Does a user get to edit the content before sending it out? What if they want to add some sort of summary or find the content a little uninteresting?
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      Thanks for the feedback @pras2018 . I was just working on adding a calendly link when I saw this comment. Until I upload the changes to the site, you can reach me at [email protected]

      • In the "How it works" section. I mention that I gather content from sites using the most relevant keywords in your niche and I also ask for a list of your favorite site.
      • I will add an inline example and a "click to see the full view" under them.
      • In "Steps 3 & 4" I mention that I send a draft to you then you can ask for any revisions to text or articles before I schedule it in your chosen ESP.

      Perhaps they weren't clear enough or was there too much text in each step?

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        I will send you an email in a bit.

        • I reread it and could not find a mention of keywords or how you find it or you get keywords from the user. Maybe I am missing something or I am just way too tired. But I could not find it, I even searched for the work "keyword" in the text but could not find any mention of it. But ya I would suggest making it clearer.
        • I saw the point about you sending a draft I just was not sure how much we can edit once you send a draft.

        You might have hit the nail on the head, I think there might be a little bit too much text, maybe just put a few bullet points on how it actually works and maybe have a step more

        For example
        Step 1

        • We send you a list of keywords and sites that are relevant to your business
        • You add or remove keywords/sites and send it back to us
          Step 2
        • We start collecting articles
        • Every week/month we send you that list and you can add/edit/update that list and send it back
          Step 3
        • Based on a template you selected we create an email newsletter
        • Send it to you for approval/edits
          Step 4
        • Send it to your list of subscribers
        • Done!
          Step 5
        • Repeat
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          Thanks, I look forward to your email and I will definitely cut down on the text in the "How it works" portion