May 18, 2019

How do we target Doctors online?

Sharjeel Siddique @sharjeelsidd


I am working for a startup that has software built for doctors. I am responsible for taking care of the marketing, and I was wondering what would be the optimal way to reach out to doctors for them to try our product.

I understand doctors are very busy and are not much tech savvy. That itself is a big challenge to grab attention. Does anyone have some tips to give away regarding marketing to doctors? What platforms to target and what strategy to implement.

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    Reaching out to doctors online seems difficult. They are always pressed for time. Here in India I have seen them little active on WhatsApp, that too for professional reasons. You may need to put out ads on medical blogs / news etc. I see word-of-mouth is the best publicity. If the product is new, talk offline, help them to help you. Build a great product, so that they refer it.

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    Hi. I'm married to a doctor and have a few doctor friends. I can confirm your claim: they are busy and they aren't tech savvy.

    I would suggest you start out by either talking in person with some doctors you know. Or ofer a service where the doctor doesn't have to interact with you software at all. All the onces I know don't like touching computers and they hate learning to use new apps.