April 19, 2019

How do you deal with direct negativity towards something you have poured your heart and soul into?

David Walker @PlDave

Having woken up this morning to some untoward reviews that are particularly accusatory. My question is how do you deal with direct negativity towards something you have poured your heart and soul into?

The context is 6 months ago we moved from a paid upfront to a freemium model and had some pushback. It was however minimal with most understanding why we did what we did to keep the service going. We brought users with us giving those who had paid a Founders Status meaning they wouldn't have to pay the subscription. 6 months later I wake up, it's sunny life is good, I go and check reviews to respond to any new ones, as usual. But this one hit harder - immediately deflated. Accused of stealing, money grabbing and likened buying an app to buying music, buy once, don't expect the musician to rewrite the track (updates, bug fixes?!?! don't even get me started).

We have a great community of users and lots of positive feedback, even the negative feedback is mostly polite and constructive. Every now and then one pops up and kicks you in the teeth. Though starting as a quick question, this longer form note is definitely cathartic.

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    It's hard man. I've experienced it too. I think most people have. But it's hard.

    Something that comes to mind for me is that I'm developing a poker app. I talked to a guy a while back who told me that everyone uses Competitor, everyone loves and is happy with Competitor and there really isn't any room for me to do better, so I should quit. On the other hand, I've talked to other people who love my product and tell me that it's better than competitors and they're willing to pay for it.

    When I got the harsh feedback at first, I felt similarly to how you're feeling - I poured myself into this and now I'm hearing that it'll never be good enough. I valued the persons input and knew that they were just trying to be honest. Part of me wanted to quit. I had trouble sleeping. But ultimately, I realized that it is just one person and should be taken with a grain of salt. I think that's the big thing to remember. One person is one person. Even ten people are just ten people. You've got to get a variety of input from different people, and also often times trust your instincts. It's hard, but I think that the cliche is true - if it were easy, everyone would do it.

    Hang in there :)

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      NAIL ON HEAD!!

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    Anyone who's ever tried anything gets criticised.
    It should only hurt, if what they're saying is true.
    If they're talking shit for no reason just smile.
    You know who you are.

    Head up. => https://twitter.com/drdishbball/status/1084128860017438724?lang=en

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      thanks bud - love the vid! I guess it hurt because it was the thing we were trying so hard to avoid, was pointed out. Even though the numbers of positive feedback vastly outweigh these types.

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    I would take a step back, just let go of any emotions, see if there are any valuable bits of info in there and work with that.

    If the criticism is constructive, then you can usually ask the person the usual WHY, HOW etc. and most of the times you can turn them into happy customers while acquiring tons of valuable feedback.

    If there's nothing constructive in there, then I'd just ignore it, because it's not worth your time and energy, you are not getting any feedback AND the person is not going to become your customer anyways.

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      Stepping back + breathing = key!!

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    Some users are downright (insert expletive). But it doesn't matter whether you spent 2 weeks building the features or 2 decades. Their world is just how best needs can be solved through your product. Some of the push back maybe not realizing value they get for their money, so you can try to communicate that better.

    I have had users who were staunch critics right from the start and were super hard to deal with, take time to hear them out and see what issues they are facing. There's a chance you can transform them to super fans

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      Thanks for taking the time to reply, totally agree with your points about value, and I know one can't please everyone all of the time!