How do you do remote meetings with your team?

I believe we are settling with our remote work lifestyle by now.
For my team, we tent to have 4-5meetings a day. The longest ones are 3hours without any break. Those meetings are mostly for ideations and decision making. I found out it is not working well, and our team was exhausted. We want to improve our remote meetings. I found out Gitlab workbook for remote meetings, and it recommends scheduling meetings first, doing unscheduled meetings, and sharing documents.
How do you guys manage remote meetings? I would love to learn from your best practice!

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    Worked at a distributed startup across technical and non-technical roles. Would often have 6-8 hours of meetings/day. Here's what helped us -

    1. It's the meeting organizer's responsibility to produce all prep work a day or a few hours in advance, whether its a memo or slides. It's an attendee's responsibility to make sure they go through prep. That way you don't waste time with the information aspect before ideating and decision making. e.g. for decisions, write down all parameters, known pros/cons in a doc beforehand, have the responsible party come up with a few proposals, and fill the rest out together during the meeting.
    2. Consider having a timeboxed agenda. Even if you don't feel ready to move on, within reason, just do it. Repeat a few times and people get good at sticking to their alloted times.
    3. Ideation = diverging ideas and decisions = converging ideas. Consider a break between the two phases so the different ideas can settle in people's heads.
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      Thanks for sharing your experience and tips.
      6-8hours of meetings a day sound challenging. but you are making the with this detailed discipline. I appreciate it =)

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