How do you estimate read times?

I have an itch to scratch while writing my newsletter.

Every issue of This Week's Worth contains some links to articles with a brief description and an estimated read time. The pain comes with estimating the read time. I have to copy the article text, paste it into a word counter, get the number, and divide it by a given Word-Per-Minute that I came up with.

Do you go through the same? Do you have an easier process?

I'm thinking about building something to fix this. Pasting a link and getting a read time in return would already be enough.

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    Write a snippet code, or (better) an exentension would be the easiest. If you have issue writing them, I'm happy to help (https://twitter.com/hieuSSR)

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    I wonder if a chrome extension exists/could be made where you right click on an element and select read time, the extension highlights the parent element to show what will be included in the result and displays an estimated read time.

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    This is a completely shameless plug, but you can add reading time in a second to your newsletter if you build it in WordPress using Newsletter Glue. :)

    Happy to give you a free trial if you're interested to move off Substack!

    Here's a quick GIF of how it works:
    Reading time

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    You can use https://wordcounter.net/ , just copy and paste all the text. And you will get an estimated read time.

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    Literally this week on DEV.to someone shared a JavaScript function to estimate the read time.

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    There MUST be a way to get the word count dynamically. There simply must be. Thanks know in PHP / Laravel you could do this easily. What stack are you using?

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      It's the substack newsletter that I linked in the original post.

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