May 16, 2019

How do you guys soft launch or launch a product?

Justin Zhao @outrankio

I have been building my software for quite a while during my last 2 years of college. I just graduated a couple days ago and I would like to focus full time on my software before heading to grad school.

I created a SEO software tool because when I started my blog. I realized it was just a drop in an ocean. It was hard to gain traction and search visibility so I did more research and found out that products like these have already been created and the market is very oversaturated

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    I personally think that launch is overrated. It can be applied to big companies with a lot of money, spend a ton on advertising and get millions on users on day 1.

    For smaller business, launch is just as boring as season 1 of game of thrones. In my case, trying to get 1 active user/customer is considered as a launch :P

    Dont hesitate to provide more details about your project :) GL

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      Haha, getting off topic but have you watched the most recent episode of GOT.

      Anyways, back to business. I have a lot of signups due to optimizing my blog but no conversions to paid sign ups.

      My website is

      Any advice on that?

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        I'm the one who wait for the serie to finish before watching it, watched a lot of episode but dont understand how people can wait weeks to see one episode :P

        If you already have signups without conversions, that means a lot of different stuff and it's up to you to multiply tests.

        Test to increase your pricing (this will increase the value of your product). Maybe put a free version to make us addict (cf

        This mainly means that what you promize is interesting for us :)

        But test as much as you can, one process will convert probably more than the others.

        Edit: And maybe put multiple offers (this is known to convert more ^^) But you probably know it more than me, I'm just a user ^^

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          I see.

          The problem with increasing pricing is that my startup has just recently been created so it's hard to increase pricing when nobody knows what my startup is.

          Regarding signs up, I will try to check out what is converting more than others. The only reason I can see who signs up is through Stripe

          I will try to put more offers in the future

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            In my opinion, pricing doesnt really have to do with the quality of your product but just giving an information about the image you want to give us.

            7$ is less than a netflix subscription, I consider "Be Found Online" to be more valuable than a netflix sub :P

            Make it free if you're not confident about it :D

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              Haha, thanks for the feedback