💌 How do you introduce a SURVEY in you emails?

Hi there! 👋

I'm thinking about making a survey to see what suscribers think about the content I publish, I suppose that they like it just because they don't unsuscribe but I wanna make sure they want that content and no other. 📝

I don't know how I should ask them to complete de survey.

Maybe giving them any kind of free resource if they do it?

Or just asking the for it? 🤯

Should I add it to my usual weekly newsletter?

Or maybe an extra email?

I would reaaaally appreciate your opinion. 🙌

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    Hey Carmen, great timing. My upcoming newsletter (Fixmygrowth.com) is on this very subject.

    Customer feedback, especially early on in a company is critical. I've been pretty successful gathering feedback - a 40 to 50% response rate, with an open-ended question.

    Typically my goal is not to get a simple response (like you do through a survey) but create a conversation. This allows me to understand the motivation behind the response.

    Here's what I do.

    STEP 1.) Ask an open-ended question OR give customers a choice. Keep it short and sweet. I keep the question to 9 or fewer words. Example:

    Subject: Advice please

    Hey #recipient:name| Audrey#,

    What new feature would you like to see A or B?



    P.S. Whenever you’re ready… here are two ways I can help you:

    One-on-One: Work with me one-on-one to solve a growth issue over a video call.

    Launch Plan: If you’d like to work with me on creating your complete step-by-step launch plan, schedule a time for a kick-off meeting.

    STEP 2.) If they respond, you know they care enough. Be prepared with a follow-up question(s). Example:


    Thanks for the response #recipient:name| Audrey#!

    That's helpful advice. It's a really popular choice.

    Why is feature A important to you? How would you use that?

    If it's easier, happy to jump on a 15-minute call to discuss (I don't want to take up too much of your time) => Find A Time.

    Here's what others say : 
    a. answer 1
    b. answer 2
    c. answer 3

    Which response resonates with your use case the most?



    Tip 1.) You can see in point one above, I added a super signature. This reminds the customer who I am and what I offer without taking up room in the email copy itself.

    Tip 2.)  In response two, I ask more questions and try to get them on the phone. Some people will respond with their exact reasons, others will choose from the list I provided.

    The reason I add the list of choices is to give people less to think about if they don't have time (goal 1 is a conversion, goal 2 is feedback).

    I typically see a 90%+ response from email two. In the last feedback email I sent I saw a 100% response rate from email 2

    Tip 3.) I script this scenario out to lead the customer down a funnel /outcome ( Reply with your specific situation I'll give you an example.)

    Yes, a survey is easier. This approach is hard to scale BUT the feedback and conversations can't be beat!

    If you are better suited for a survey or feedback tool, consider:

    1. Feedletter - This is what I use for my newsletter

    2. Survey Monkey

    3. Shipright (there are numerous like this)

    4. HelloNext

    5. Feedback.fish

    Good luck!


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      @bflitter Thank you so much Bill, this answer is greaat!! Make sure I'm going to implement it.

      Thank you thank youuu

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        of course. good luck. keep me posted on progress.

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    I run 2 active newsletters and have 2 other dying slowly (aka haven't written a thing in months). Over time I've tested classic surveys with typeform or the in-email version of mailerlite, asking questions with encouraging replies, with and without incentives like freebies or coupons.

    The results were pretty meh. I got ocassional answers but most of the time it was silence. Nothing really I can work with and improve the reading experience.

    However, this summer I read about the simple thumbs voting on the Vimtricks newsletter and the responses they get. So, I made a test version for my newsletters and experimented with it like adding an extra step after the vote, and suddenly I got feedback from my readers on a consistent basis :-)

    In September I turned my experiment into an application so others can use it too: FeedLetter.co

    And it shows silimar result for my users. Seems it removed a lot of friction for the readers.

    I am happy with the result and don't want to go back.

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