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How do you scale blog writing?

Duarte M @Santiago

What are the best value methods for generating blog content in a scalable way? As a bootstrapper I don't have enough money to pay someone a wage, so I'm looking for alternatives. I can do the SEO research myself, however I'd like to know the community's opinion on the best way to create content in a way that scales. My objective is to start ranking well for certain keywords so that I can drive traffic to a website and generate leads to gauge if there is interest in the product.

I've found a few tools like KafkAI, articleforge, and AIwriter however the output doesn't look great. Are there any ML APIs that do this? Perhaps some libraries that rewrite existing content?

Thanks 👍

What is the best value method for scaling blog writing?
  1. Do it yourself
  2. Find someone to write posts fairly cheaply on Fiverr, etc.
  3. Automated AI article generation tools
  4. ML libraries
  5. Other
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    It isn't easy. You won't get cheap and good if you outsource on Fiverr. Native English speakers will cost you. AI articles sound interesting. I wonder what quality you can achieve?

    You can do something similar like Pat Walls done with Here is the blog post about his process. He automates a lot; interviewees write interviews.

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      Thanks for sharing, I really like the way he created a process and automated it as much as possible. I might get some existing content and use ML libraries to re-write them, then add the final 20% content manually.

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    Unfortunately, without paying someone, this is really hard to do.

    What I do is this:

    Write 1 or 2 posts a month. Get them to rank. Then reinvest the money and hire someone to either build links for you or write articles for you (depending on your niche).

    Then as you generate more revenue, you’ll have more money to scale your marketing.

    But start smaller now and grow it over time.

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    For SEO I use AHREFS and have a post on how to set it up It is a free version of the tool that checks for over 100+ things for SEO best practices. However it doesn’t have the Keyword research in it for the free version. But what I would recommend is using AnswerThePublic -> generate topics -> download CSV and use the ones with the strongest links as article titles. So, as a dev to generate articles relatively fast, I write down anything technical I’m doing in Markdown (*.md) files. Then my website, which is built using 11ty, generates HTML files from the *.md files, so it really lowers the bar for creating articles.

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    I'm a blogger and write SEO content for clients (mostly hotels). It doesn't have to be as expensive as you might think.

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    I've found that creating blog articles that will rank for long-tail keywords requires a systematic approach, which requires an understanding beyond the stuff people learn from the online gurus.

    There are loads of people out there who will write for cheap, but it is just a waste of time in almost all cases. They think they know how to write optimized articles but have minimal practical experience of consistently ranking.

    In most cases, I have had to either train people to write in a certain way or rewrite articles once they have already been written.

    I've not found a way to do this that avoids the need to pay someone else to do at least the basic writing.

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      Yeah I tried using that too but it never returned any results.

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