Productivity June 29, 2020

How do you stay on top of customer feedback/questions/support issues?

Rita Roloff @rita

As a founder, how do you stay on top of customer feedback/questions/support issues?

I find getting emails to be overwhelming and hard to keep track of who is who. What products do you use to stay on top of this?

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    I used email for probably too long, and reached the point where it was too overwhelming to keep up with. I moved everything over to HelpScout and have been very happy with them. The ability to pull up all the past conversations with a customer can be a life saver and the beacon I can embed into the app is convenient.

    I've recently been experimenting with their live chat and I'm still undecided on that. It can be distracting and if I forget to mark myself away then I miss messages.

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    I'm also curious if anyone has experience using the live chat widgets on their sites for support/sales questions.

    For previous projects, I've just used email. That might not scale the best for some applications though.

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    It roughly falls under the category of help desk software. I have a list of vendors in this space on my website here.

    They do things like provide ticketing, so that when someone emails you it opens a ticket, and all further emails are cataloged under that ticket. It can also have a knowledgebase function, so customers can find answers on their own, and little chatbots on the website for you to provide immediate help. Then you start getting into things like automatic routing where the next available help desk person gets the call or email, but I'm guessing you don't need that extra functionality.

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      oh cool, do you have a personal favorite?

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        I've used Zendesk for years and love it! Can program macros for quick responses and create a knowledge base through their platform so your customers can solve the easy problems themselves.

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        I don't use them on my website, but I'm a big fan of using free tiers, so I suggest trying out a few of them and see how you like it. FreshDesk, Zoho, and LiveAgent all have free tiers that might do what you need.

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    Hey! I was in the same situation and was getting lots of emails and messages in my previous startup. I ended up quitting to create typedesk which is a SaaS app to create, share and use text templates and canned responses on all the platforms you use (Gmail, Slack, ZenDesk etc), super quickly (one keyboard shortcut system-wide).

    Happy to go into details here if you want to learn more :)