How do you test your app with users and collect feedback?

Hi, IndieHackers

I'm curious. How do you do collect feedback from your users?

  • Do you conduct some kind of usability testing to see what works what doesn't?
  • Do you just look at analytics data and take a best guess?
  • Or you don't do it at all?
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    Analytics reveals a lot of the pain points (we use our own tool tractific.com on itself, which is kinda weird :D). Though at a small volume of data you should also put a live chat widget and wait for customer support messages to reveal painpoints. Before corona, I would go to a coworking space and just ask people to test the application. During this I would sit silently and tell them to narrate their experience. This is incredibly helpful, but I didn't try it over the internet yet. I didn't have success emailing and asking users for feedback, they seem to ignore these.

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      Interesting insight. Did you know about different kind of tests you can do? Like the 5 second test and etc.

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    I am making something that would help you collect feedback over all your different products and manage them at one place!


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