How I made $11,673 in 5 days with an open-source project

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    That was a great read Samuel, and really happy its going well for you.

    I keep up to date with all the goings on in the Laravel community and was aware of your package, and am keeping my eyes open for a project where I can use the SaaS boilerplate.

    I think offering the boilerplate on top of your open source project is a great idea, just like with Tailwind UI.

    In fact I'd say having the boilerplate available even raises the usefulness of the original project. By default, if there's a Spatie version of anything, I'll use that. And perhaps for a larger/longer project, I still might give it another look. But for agile stuff, the pair of the original package and possibility to buy some boilerplate is great.

    Your open source project homepage https://tenancyforlaravel.com might benefit from some clearer signposting that there is boilerplate available. I just visited it, knowing that it existed, and was still momentarily stumped until I noticed the 'Business' dropdown.

    I know its nice to avoid putting 'Pricing' on the top nav of an OS project, cos it seems not very community-y (?) but some sort of promo box saying "Hey, we also have this" wouldn't go a miss IMO!

    Cheers and good continued fortunes :)

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      I agree, having a boilerplate makes the package more useful. And I should probably link to the boilerplate better from the landing page, yeah.

      Thank you!

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    Hey Stancl, really cool seeing you here!

    Nothing like your multi-tenant package :)

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    I felt so much empathy for you when you wrote that Spatie made a multi-tenancy package as well😂 Glad to read your project still worked out! Great post.

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      Haha, nothing like having a big agency compete with your one-man attempt at a project 😂

      Thank you!

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    This is amazing! Thank you for sharing your story. Very inspirational.

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    So young and so successful! You sir are going places

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    Congrats Samuel, success stories are always a pleasure to read!

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    Nice job!
    I'm trying to grow my open source project as well (https://github.com/mickael-kerjean/filestash) but the results aren't anywhere as good despite 9k visitors a month and about 500 installs a month as I'd be lucky to cover my server bill alone which is about 30$ a month.

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      Maybe because you don't have a commercial product around it?

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