Developers July 13, 2020

How I made $11,673 in 5 days with an open-source project

Samuel Štancl @samuelstancl
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    That was a great read Samuel, and really happy its going well for you.

    I keep up to date with all the goings on in the Laravel community and was aware of your package, and am keeping my eyes open for a project where I can use the SaaS boilerplate.

    I think offering the boilerplate on top of your open source project is a great idea, just like with Tailwind UI.

    In fact I'd say having the boilerplate available even raises the usefulness of the original project. By default, if there's a Spatie version of anything, I'll use that. And perhaps for a larger/longer project, I still might give it another look. But for agile stuff, the pair of the original package and possibility to buy some boilerplate is great.

    Your open source project homepage might benefit from some clearer signposting that there is boilerplate available. I just visited it, knowing that it existed, and was still momentarily stumped until I noticed the 'Business' dropdown.

    I know its nice to avoid putting 'Pricing' on the top nav of an OS project, cos it seems not very community-y (?) but some sort of promo box saying "Hey, we also have this" wouldn't go a miss IMO!

    Cheers and good continued fortunes :)

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      I agree, having a boilerplate makes the package more useful. And I should probably link to the boilerplate better from the landing page, yeah.

      Thank you!

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    Hey Stancl, really cool seeing you here!

    Nothing like your multi-tenant package :)

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    I felt so much empathy for you when you wrote that Spatie made a multi-tenancy package as well😂 Glad to read your project still worked out! Great post.

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      Haha, nothing like having a big agency compete with your one-man attempt at a project 😂

      Thank you!

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    This is amazing! Thank you for sharing your story. Very inspirational.

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    So young and so successful! You sir are going places

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    Congrats Samuel, success stories are always a pleasure to read!

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    Nice job!
    I'm trying to grow my open source project as well ( but the results aren't anywhere as good despite 9k visitors a month and about 500 installs a month as I'd be lucky to cover my server bill alone which is about 30$ a month.

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      Maybe because you don't have a commercial product around it?

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