May 1, 2019

How Lynne Tye learnt sales and grew Key:Values to 6-figures in revenue...

Louis Nicholls @louisswiss

Hi all, I'm super excited to officially launch the Sales For Founders podcast - an interview series for founders who are fed up of building products nobody wants to buy...

In episode #1, I interview the awesome @lynnetye about how she learnt sales and used it to grow into a 6-figure business.

Lynne is an amazing founder & salesperson. My fave 3 things she said in our call were...

  1. Get a mentor!
  2. Align your values with the customer to make it win-win. That way, you're on the same team and sales is fun & easy!
  3. Charge more and remember to follow up!

Oh and for more about Lynne and the origin story of Key:Values, check out her recent IH podcast episode :)


  1. 6

    It was fun, Louis! Thanks for having me! ūü§ó

  2. 2

    Congrats on the launch Louis! Looking forward to listening.

  3. 1

    Very valuable! Are you taking more interview slots?

    1. 1

      Yes! If you're interested, can you shoot me an email + a (sales) topic or angle you'd like to talk about?