April 25, 2019

How or what techniques do you use to maintain focus, discipline and make things happen?


I can very much relate to what @csallen said while discussing about discipline and accountability @ https://www.indiehackers.com/csallen/post/d5073c226d?commentId=-LdKs4BE7UelyIKSufjD

But when you're working for yourself, it's easy to let all of this discipline slip. So having an externally-imposed constraint, deadline, or accountability system can help keep you straight. For me, that was my dwindling bank account.

What techniques do IndieHackers, especially solo entrepreneurs use to maintain course and make things happen to deliver results consistently? What constraints seem to help you? Thanks.

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    Few I came across:

    1. Being open - Announce the project on a public forum and document the progress. But it has to be a forum which you "fear" and not let down. Any such places?
    2. Accountability partner - Find a person who can hold you accountable. It better be someone who you cannot disappoint like a boss at workplace. The idea is from what @csallen mentioned in the post indicated above. Short of taking up a job and getting a boss ;-) how else can we find such people?
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    Can I ask what doesn't let you be focused and accountable now?

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      Of-course you can @AlexMartynov. It's just things like what I'm doing right now. Reading IH and going down the rabbit hole instead of working on my project ;-)

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        And why don't you stop doing things like these?

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          That's exactly the answer I'm trying to find @AlexMartynov :). I'm hoping to find the techniques others use to maintain focus, discipline and make things happen that can hopefully work for me as well.

          The challenge(s) in my case seems to be what is described in the link @ http://www.thedistillery.life/2017/06/29/dont-read-startup-porn/ which I'm trying to overcome.

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            The problem with techniques is that they may not address the root cause.
            Let's say you read IH and startup porn and don't want to do that. You just need not read it, right? But that's easier to say than do. And there is something which doesn't let you not read this stuff.
            And it's crucial to know the nature of that thing before you pick the technique.

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              You just need not read it, right? But that's easier to say than do.

              And there is something which doesn't let you not read this stuff.
              What is that something? I guess what makes me go back to reading these things I guess is the FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) on things that could help me do better.

              And it's crucial to know the nature of that thing before you pick the technique.
              How would you know and control it if you were to be in such a situation?

              Appreciate your questioning btw @AlexMartynov. Thanks.

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                You're welcome :)
                "How would you know and control it if you were to be in such a situation?"
                You find it either with self-reflection or guided inquiry (similar to what we did in this exchange). As for control, it's about experimentation.
                If you want we, can have a conversation to help you find a solution.

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                  Message sent @AlexMartynov. Thanks for the offer.

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                    Check your email. I've just replied to you

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    Two things that have helped me the most.

    1. Finding a mastermind group of like-minded people that meets weekly. A key part of the meeting is holding each other accountable to our weekly goals. Email me at [email protected] if you'd like more info, the mastermind organizer (he's very good) is getting ready to put together another group.
    2. Meeting as many other solo/remote workers in my area as possible through meetups, IH, and coworking spaces. I find that I get so much more done when I meet up with a friend and work out of a coffee shop or coworking space together, rather than working at home by myself. I try to do this a few times a week now.

    Bonus: I'm launching https://accountabilitypledge.com to help add accountability to daily goals or 30 day type challenges. You may find that helpful as well :)

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      @cspags - Accountability Pledge is an interesting concept. More like paying a late fee I guess. But how are you going to enforce it? I did add myself to your list. Will keep an eye out.

      As for Mastermind groups, the problem I have at-least with the ones I came across so far is lack of seriousness. I feel like at the end of the day it just has to come from within but the struggle is making that happen. I did send you a mail though to learn about the one you found to be good. Thanks.

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        Thanks for signing up! As far as enforcement, there will definitely be ways to cheat the system, but I'm hoping the audience that I'm targeting, people who want to be held accountable, will be more honest with it. Kind of like golf, you can cheat, but you're only cheating yourself :)

        I agree with what you're saying about mastermind groups. I've had similar issues in the past with a lack of seriousness. The one I'm in now has $50/month member fees. I resisted paying for a mastermind for a long time, but now I see the benefit in that it ensures all the group members are serious.

        Hope that helps!

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    For me, it's the complete lack of life outside of work (kind of true lol) and wants to run my own software company to prove myself.

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    Turn off sound on mobile, put it screen down and start working.

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    I have registered from your website but respond like below.
    {"result":"success","msg":"<strong>Awesome! You are on the priority list.<\/strong>"}

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      @shyamady - Updated it to
      {"result":"success","msg":"Awesome! You are on the priority list. Yes, you indeed are. We keep things simple and straightforward, just like this message. Thank you."} :)

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