How to find affiliates to promote your product

I want to show you how I use Google's advanced search operators to perform sneaky little searches 🕵️‍♂️ that allow me to find affiliates who are promoting products in my niche (or my competitor's products).

The main hack here is to study affiliate naming conventions and then use those conventions in an "intext" search. For example, if you had an email marketing company you could search for something like this...

intitle:”best email marketing” intext:”I may receive”

Look at the image attached to this post to see how it brings up affiliates talking a bout this topic. This works because most affiliates say things like "I may receive a small commission if you make a purchase after clicking on one of the links within this article".

There are countless naming conventions you can exploit. I cover all of them here:


If you're looking for affiliates, this is the best approach I've seen to finding qualified people to onboard into your program.

Hope you find this valuable 🙏

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    Thanks for your tips! I also shared an article about how to find affiliates yesterday: https://afftable.com/marketing-an-affiliate-program:-12-tips-to-recruit-your-affiliates

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    That is a great tip! Thank you for the insight! :)

    Do you think it could work for a coworking space such as my (tiny) coworking office? :) I don’t know if this is a thing in “my” industry!



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    Thank you for this hack :)

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    Thanks for posting 👏

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    Didn't work too well for me. Only 12 results. but I'll still follow through and try them out.
    here's my search: intitle:”google sheets” intext:”I may receive”
    for Better Sheets

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      Hi Andrew. I suggest zooming out a bit and don't focus on a product (i.e. Google Sheets), but focus on topics within your broader niche. For example, I notice you are in the productivity space. Find topics that affiliates in that niche are talking about and use those searches instead to find even more affiliates in that space. You'll get more results.

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        Much appreciated.

        These proved more fruitful:
        intitle:”budget template” intext:”I may receive”
        intitle:”spreadsheets” intext:”I may receive”

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        Also, on the tutorial page i posted above, I give many alternatives to "I may receive" including using "disclaimer" and different AND / OR advanced searches. It takes a bit of playing around, but once you uncover a good search, you can generally find a mountain of affiliates.

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