How to find hunters on PH

Hi, I never launched on product hunt but I think is a great way to promote a product and get early adopters. Anyone here knows how to get a hunter? Or is any hunter here that want to give a hand?

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    There are a lot of hunters and you’ll have to make sure that the hunters that you are approaching are interested in your product. Prepare a list of product in the same niche as yours and search them on PH to find out the people who have hunted them. This will give you a list of hunters who might be interested in your product.

    The next step, and probably the most important one, is pitching your product to the hunters stating that you would like to be hunted by them. You will have to ensure that the pitch is compelling enough to convince them to hunt your product.

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      Thanks for your reply, so I need to pitch them the idea. Is there any place to find like a list for that or I need to cold email them?

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        Here's a list of some of the top-performing hunters. Each of them has a profile page with the Twitter account they used to sign-up. From there, check for them on Twitter or search for them on Google for their contact info.

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          Thanks really useful :)

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      Thanks for that information defiantly useful but I was looking more for the hunter side rather than the whole launch 🚀

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