May 11, 2019

How to name a business (from an SEO perspective)?

Harry Dry @harrydry

Built this site. Basically just a bunch of real world marketing examples which you can filter by topic.

I'm trying to come up with a name for this site. And there's a decision whether to choose a brand name / or an SEO name.

For example Indie Hackers is a good example of a brand name. You're obviously going to rank No1 on Google for that as there's no competition. But the trade off is your not going to pick up organic passers by (because no one searches for Indie Hackers, unless to find this website).

One example of an SEO name is "". They're ranked in the top 4 for the keyword "passive income" which picks up 100k searches every month. So they pick up a lot of passers by.

My thinking was I could call this site:

two keywords which require around 20 backlinks to get in the top page for. But then I would benefit from google organic traffic as people search for Marketing Examples would naturally see my site. And they're still solid brand names.

The downside of this approach is that when people type in my business name to google, I might not be in the top 10 searches which obviously isn't ideal.

Any advice? And if anyone has any good names please do comment :)


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    100% a good, memorable, unique brand name. If you can also find a descriptive one, that’s even better.

    Forget about SEO. Exact match domains are not a ranking factor anymore:

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      Good read. Thanks for this.

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        Hi Harry,

        I second this. Domainnames do not really drive SEO ranking as much as they used to (before my time). However, I always used to be much more attracted to non-suggestive, brand-focused names, though recently I am starting to see much more value also in (at least partly) suggestive names. remoteok, epicjobs, etc, they have a brandish feeling to it but also tell me something about what I should expect. A sweetspot that might be nice for your site as well.

        Cheers 🤙

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    It sounds like you may have done the keyword research and already know that this is a highly searched term? If that number is high and SEO will be a large factor, then I would focus on that. That doesn't mean go with some absurd keyword rich url/brand name, but if I were weighing the two on a scale, I would put more weight towards the SEO value of the name. Brands take a long time to build, if you have a content play take the SEO help you will get from a SEO friendly name.

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      Thanks, judging by @andreabosoni article, exact matching domains don't mean much in SEO

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        Not really my takeaway from that article.

        "In my opinion, Google likes exact match domains that are not spammy and a good example of this would be a domain like"

        My main takeaway from that article, which is nothing necessarily new, is that google doesn't like spam. And if you plan on buying a domain purely based on the search term and don't plan to add quality content or backlinks, then it's not going to rank well.

        I've seen success from exact match domains that have incorporated the other factors ( since 2012 ).

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    someone suggested, "Real World Marketing Examples" which could be the ticket?

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      Hyper Uber Ultra Real World Marketing Examples Dot Com Dot Org

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        haha, i imagine your saying that it's a bit long?

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          I'm not saying anything. I'm just here for my own entertainment.

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