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How to Structure Indie Hacker Businesses

Peter Cheung @pcheung

Hey Indie Hackers,

I have a few side projects that I'm planning on monetizing in the coming months, but I'm not sure about how to go about structuring the business (or businesses) to hold these projects.

Should I set up a single holding company for these indie projects or make separate companies for each project?

I appreciate your feedback & stories about what you did for your business and side projects.

Thanks so much!

Should I make multiple business entities or a single one to hold my indie projects
  1. Single holding company for all indie projects.
  2. Multiple companies. One for each indie project.
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    It largely comes down to what your long-term goals are.

    Do you want to sell these businesses separately? If so, then incorporate them as individual entities.

    If not – and they're related, then streamline and keep it all under one roof.

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      Hey, @kylegawley! Thanks for sharing your advice. Here's the scenario I'm thinking about:

      1. Start a single company to hold multiple SaaS/info products.
      2. Monetize each product and see which ones are promising revenue-generators.
      3. Spin the winners off into their own companies and plan to sell each one.

      Have you encountered this scenario before? If so, what was your experience like? If not, what do you think about this approach in terms of difficulty?

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        Sounds like a good plan, try and keep things as separate and as clean as possible so you can split them easily later.

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          For sure. Thanks again for the practical advice, @kylegawley!

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    This comment was deleted 3 months ago.

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      That's an excellent point. I hadn't thought about the acquisition aspect of it. Thank you for sharing your advice!

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