Growth July 23, 2020

How would you grow this website?

Chen Li @chen_mobile

Looking for tips, on how to grow my latest landing page builder for mobile apps:

I tried promotions on Twitter, so far got ~100 visits, but most of them dropped on home page. I updated SEO, and am waiting for Google to pick it up. What else?

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    I would put a listing on fiverr and upwork: I'll build your landing page for $5.
    use your tool to build the landing page.

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      You're genius Andrew. I'll try that.

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    Your site is not responsive? It didn't show correctly on my Android phone - both home page and sign up page. If your potential visitors are app debelopers, there is a good chance they visited on their phone.

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      Yes we're fixing up the mobile display.

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    I like the site quite a lot. Got a clean, simply straight to the point design.
    Hmm. You have tried twitter you said, well the couple weeks I have been on here I have learned that Twitter is really the best place to gain traffic it seems at least in the early stages.
    You could try Reddit as well? Not just make a shameless promotion but actually hope on there and start writing.
    The SEO part will probably take a while before it truly kicks in due to google being slow with new sites in my experience.

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      Thanks a lot for the tips! Given your past experiences with Twitter, I'll be more confident to keep investing in Twitter. Also good to know that Google is slow to pick up new sites, I was basically checking Google every couple hours for the last 2 days :)

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    Hey Chen,

    Many of us have to go through a tough time to find potential clients/customers. For me, cold mailing has worked the best! You can find targeted leads from (You can try for 7 days without credit card) & cold mail them! Let me know if you get some good responses!


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    Hey @chen_mobile

    I think the problem is lack of actual product, showcase, and benefits. It would be great to see this. I've created a post previously to document my journey. Keen to hear your feedback too!

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    Follow the followers of your competitors or similar services in the space and then send them an individual link to the site - use Hootsuite to schedule so you don't appear too spammy and above all, be authentic :)

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    I'd suggest changing the font you are using instead of Times New Roman, try something. The color pattern is good. Also can you please add why landing pages are important and how they create an impact on the users. I don't think the privacy policy needs a block of space like now and also About Us too.

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