No-Code March 23, 2020

hyperlocal: A glide app to help during COVID-19

Mark Smillie @mfsmillie

This is a quick #nocode app I made with @glideapps to connect people that have extra stuff to people that need extra stuff (and vice versa). You can easily copy and configure for your city/region. Any thoughts/ideas/improvements/etc. Lemme know. Stay Safe Out There!

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    thanks,, i'll check it out to try implement it in my country

  2. 1

    Hi that 's cool, but i can' t logout, i think you need to fix it mark. (Maybe it is my fault if it is the case explain me how to deconnect)

    1. 1

      Just delete the app from your phone.

      1. 1

        OK,thanks ,i don't know if you have twitter but you should post it some people would clone it for their city!

        1. 1

          Yes. I have done that. Thanks.

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