I found one of the most-followed accounts in Tiktok and slapped my advertisement on her face. Here's the why and how.

Why When you share a social post that contains a URL, the inherent call-to-action of the post is click the link. So, you either share nothing but your own stuff or, when your audience clicks your links, the connection with you is lost.

What I did (I was just pleased as punch that our team pulled this off - the ability to embed Tiktok, Snapchat, Youtube, Instagram posts, Tweets, blog posts and even more)

Please see my ass on Manda Lee's face - just click the Rite.ly URL in https://twitter.com/Rite_Kit/status/1262926782099005440

How the Tweet appears

What people get when they click the Rite.ly link in the above Tweet

Then, see https://twitter.com/osakasaul/status/1264383129676120065 and click the Rite.ly URLs in them. You'll see that I am advertising on an embedded Tweet from a competitor with one, and the other advertises about Tiktok right on the TikTok official blog.

So, with RIte.ly, when you get it in the RiteKit Package, you can find great content for your audience and build the market for your product - while you soft-sell to them.

Please see what's in the Package here, do a free trial (no credit card upfront), and when you need a hand, chat to us through the site or extensions. Mention IH and we'll bend over backwards for you. This is my no.1 online community, so, there's that.

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    I am confused about your product. Do you promote ads/links over other people's content? Is that legal?

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      Yes, it is legal. Note that with RIte.ly, people place their advertisement on page links that they share. It does not inject into the original site. Thus, it is something for those who click the links that you share. Kindly see the "Why" in my post, if you'd be so kind.

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