November 21, 2020

I set out to create the most minimal blogging platform. How did I do?

Herman Martinus @HermanMartinus
  1. 2

    I love this platform dude. But, do you plan to charge it on future ??

  2. 1

    I've had my bearblog on there for a while ;) thanks for the service Herman!

  3. 1

    @HermanMartinus - have you ever thought about changing the domain name?

    The platform looks really cool, but it seems a little hard to give someone your own personal blog location verbally.

    Meaning, if my subdomain is "john", I have to tell someone go to:
    john dot bearblog dot dev

    "bear" can be "bare" or "bear" or even "bair"

    Just curious :)

    Regardless - super cool platform!!

  4. 1

    Love it!

    Definition of no BS!

  5. 1

    Do you have plans to charge for it?

  6. 1

    It's the only place I blog, so I dig it. 👍

  7. 1

    this is cool well done.

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