Idea Validation Help

Hey 👋,

I’m working to build and validate a few different products (physical goods and technology) and wanted to connect with some people before going further.

My products are in these industries/spaces:
-Customer success
-Board Games
-Self Help
-Crypto (Not making the next Bitcoin haha)

I’m looking for more people to join our beta program when it goes live and chat beforehand. So you're interested please just drop what areas you’d be open to doing a survey about or talking more about. Survey is less than 2 minutes and a 5 minute chat would be awesome.

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    Hi @Justindie, I am open to help with, perhaps with customer success

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      @rymchyster Thanks so much for the response and I would love to connect. Let me know the best way to reach out.

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        Ok, you can reach me at the e-mail I have in my profile

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            Great. I completed the survey. Hope it helps

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