Landing Page Feedback September 27, 2020

I'll roast your landing page if you roast mine


Shoutshare lets you collect feedback from your users via a JS widget you install on your website. Build more impactful features, driven by what your users really want.

I'm ready to be roasted. Drop a comment below and I'll (constructively) roast ya back 🔥

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    Looks very nice!

    1. What is the target audience for your product?
      Probably this could be addressed to Product Managers or General Managers or CEOs, while currently it shows something about the integration, JS, etc which may be not so clear for guys who are not familiar with coding, and therefore they can drop from the page thinking that the product is not suited for them
    2. As a potential user, I would expect to see how this widget will look for my customers - what their UX will look like with your widget. Currently this point is not answered.
      Did you conduct any UX interviews on your landing page and the widget itself?
      Good luck!
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    It's really strange that you don't have your widget on your site.

    Your demo can't be any easier:

    1. show your widget. ask to write feedback on your landing page, or prefill it with some generic bug report
    2. show button which will open dashboard in separate window

    And you'll remove a lot of unneeded explanations this way.

    Here is mine:

    1. 1

      I’m not sure why you aren’t seeing it but what you described is pretty much exactly what I have on my landing page. At the very top, there’s a button that says “Show widget”, and if you click it it opens up the actual widget for you to submit feedback.

      I don’t have a ‘show dashboard’ button, though. Thanks for the feedback.

      I left a comment on your post, but your landing page doesn’t work for me - it just shows a blank white screen.

      1. 2

        I think this is why:

        Uncaught (in promise) TypeError: t.replaceAll is not a function
        at mt (widget.js:1)
        at widget.js:1
        at s (widget.js:1)
        at Generator._invoke (widget.js:1)
        at Generator.forEach.t.<computed> [as next] (widget.js:1)
        at gt (widget.js:1)
        at a (widget.js:1)
        at widget.js:1
        at new Promise (<anonymous>)
        at widget.js:1

        Latest linux chromium

        1. 1

          Yup, that's exactly why! Thanks for letting me know - I just pushed a fix that should hopefully work now.

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