ilo — Better analytics for your Twitter account

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    I'm a big fan of this tool by @dr.

    Twitter's native analytics tool sucks. But it's becoming increasingly important to track this stuff, because Twitter's building lots of features that are going to make it indispensable for indie hackers imo.

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      It looks awesome. I'm such a minnow/newbie on Twitter that it's not worth my while to use it yet, but once I get my millions of followers I'll be signing up.

      Really interested in the 'indispensable for indie hackers' comment. Are you talking about anything in addition to Super Follow and the Revue acquisition? I'd be super curious as to why an indie hacker will be missing out a ton if they don't use these, or if there are other upcoming features I don't know about.

      (I'm not disagreeing by the way, just keen to know more. I can believe this thesis - since joining Twitter exclusively to get into the indie hacking community more, I've found it seriously useful.)

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    This landing page is masterful. It conveys the exact information a potential customer needs to see in a minimal way without looking at all unprofessional. Putting this one in the reference file.

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    Thank you for sharing, Courtland!
    Lots planned this year. Twitter is a very exciting space to be building in

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