March 31, 2020

I'm building SaaS and documenting the process. Forced break and the startup idea for those who want new ideas


This is the twenty-third episode in the reality show about the development SaaS app from scratch. The previous episodes:

Open SaaS development from scratch: why and what
Day 1: requirements and UI wireframes
Day 2: admin pages
Day 3: user pages
Day 4: database models, database update, and a couple of new wireframe pages
Day 5: started API and made changes to the database models
Day 6: created the admin board and new problems
Day 7: board settings page
Day 8: board settings page, more details and tabs
Day 9: board settings page, more tabs
Day 10: finished all 4 meta lists for board settings page
Day 11: experimenting with subdomains
Days 12 & 13: subdomains, separate apps, and user interface
Day 14: end-user UI for creating and editing posts
Day 15: end-user UI - bug fixes and list of user's posts with paging
Day 16: the skeleton of public page with the list of posts
Day 17 & 18: working on the public page
Day 19: Post view and voting
Day 20: finished voting functionality and started comments
Day 21st: finished comments, improved voting, and started board admin panel for user mngment
Day 22nd: finished board admin user management

I would like to tell you about my progress but instead, I was so busy with my current paid projects and household problems that it didn't leave any time for this project.

Let me tell you what happened and which idea could be a solution to my pain.

It started with a smell. Strange smell going out from the house's furnace pipe. Honestly, we didn't take notice of it but finally, it happened so strong that we decided to call the local furnace repair company.

The verdict was unexpected and unbearable: we had to replace the furnace, or, if we had a warranty, maybe we could replace just one part (expensive too).

I was spending a lot of time contacting the manufacturer and talking about financial options but finally, we decided to replace and buy a new furnace in installments. And here was the moment of the truth. To apply for it I had to call the company, then the lady on that end had to ask me a million hundred questions based on million of different documents, and we had to put all the information pretty quickly as the system she used could return the timeout error if we were late.


It's 2020 and we still work with a lot of different papers, sources of data, documents, doing everything manually with the potential to screw up. What if we could have a service that I entered my information just once (like the address) and the next time when it's changed, and it could automatically get the information about my mortgage, and current driver license, and contact the manufacturer to show my options and find the most optimal solution for me. Oh.... I would pay for it, I promise!

Anyway, the pottering is over, and I can come back to this project, tomorrow.

Stay tuned!

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    This is great! I think what also could be useful is how did you get to this solution. Did you talk to customers? How was that process like and how did you know this was the right solution?

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      The goal of this project is to show that the SaaS solution can be developed fast and easy using the SaaS boilerplate. It's not about marketing or validation of an idea. I just grabbed some idea of a startup I liked that already existed - so it's already validated.

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    requires so much discipline. following your updates!

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      Yes, you are right. As my furnace's problem is partially solved I keep working on it. Stay tuned :)

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    Nice. Thanks for sharing!

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      My pleasure :)

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    Wow, thank's for sharing your journey!

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    love it. Only issue is this service will be a Honey pot of humongous proportions.

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      Sorry not sure I understand you...

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      You bet it!

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