I'm making our SaaS analytics public for 24 hours 😅 How would you run our marketing?

I'm making our analytics for Transistor.fm (our podcast hosting SaaS) public for 24 hours. 😅

Here's the link:

If you were in charge of our marketing, what would you be focusing on?

Update: People are asking me how we track funnels.

After years of using Mixpanel & Google Analytics to track events, I decided to simplify.

Now I track campaigns in Rewardful, using referral links with a 30-day cookie.

We've tracked nearly $500k in new revenue this way!

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    Yeah Fathom!

    For an overall look, let's try to account for Covid, seasonality, and recognize we're only three-quarters through July. So, it's imperfect but I'm starting by looking at Jan/Feb'20 versus Jan/Feb'21.

    Looking at that, it's clear that the SEO work that you're doing is increasing site traffic—using tools like SEO Testing, etc.—doing napkin math it looks like you've increased monthly traffic by ~32% more unique visitors over that time. Google search is overwhelmingly your major traffic driver and it makes sense to stay focused on this.

    Zooming a bit... Things dropped off in April (when things started opening up more?)... So that's a thing to keep an eye on, but your traffic is still higher than pre-Covid.

    What seems missing: Without goals set up for the earlier periods, it's hard to know using only Fathom if that new traffic is better traffic, i.e. is it converting better than the previous traffic? I think conversion rates for specific pages in particular would be helpful so you could test things. Like the Pricing (and Pricing/) pages combine for 10% of Views or 13% of Uniques... Some testing there (lower in the funnel) could have a big impact.

    That said, here are a few things that are jumping out to me over the whole dataset about driving site traffic. This is in random order and just a few minutes of clicking around, so I'd defer your judgment over anything I'm throwing out here :)

    • Partnership with The Podcast Host was driving major numbers but dropped off in 2021. What happened? Did those referrals convert? Possible to find another partner like that, or renew the partnership with them?
    • Apple-specific content—particularly how to use it, issues, etc.—seems to be driving high interest content. Hard to know if you're helping people on other providers, but good for brand awareness since it's ~24% of the market... But that share is fading and it seems like they're investing more in fixing problems so maybe that'll ironically negatively affect search interest.
    • Spaces and Clubhouse content is interesting but seems like a one-off versus other content you've made. I'd experiment with a few more blog posts about social and audio technology in general to see if there's room for some thought leadership there. What about a dedicated podcast to talk about audio content industry news, etc. Something for podcasters. You seem well positioned to own this with strong and well-informed opinions.
    • Free podcast intro music—which is a relatively new page—has been extremely successful. Just in the last 30-days it's 5% of your Views and 5% of your Uniques. It's your third highest page traffic page after the home page and pricing page! What about expanding vertically to replicate that for cover art or some other step of the process for podcast creators? Any opportunity for horizontal expansion of other audio assets like outro, sound effects, or something else?
    • vs. Anchor comparison page is outperforming the other similar pages. It looks like it's getting ~10x the traffic as the next one (vs. Simplecast). Now, of course Anchor free, but I think it creates an interesting positioning opportunity there and might be worth building more content around that. Why should podcast hosting cost money to the podcaster? What are trade-offs with free? Fathom does this positioning extremely well, of course. And these are customers who could divert from Anchor, so this is both one more customer for you and one fewer customer for them—nice for market share!

    A bit rambling but hopefully some helpful ideas in there! Long-time Fathom user and big fan of both Fathom and Transistor, where I host my podcast too.

    PS Crazy it's even easier is to make sense of the data with their recent update. Nice job @JackEllis24 😎

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      I don't think @thepodcasthost has changed anything on their side. Maybe referrers aren't being counted?


      Optimizing the "free podcast intro music" page makes sense, but (anecdotally) doesn't seem to drive much in terms of signups. (We ask people how they found us on signup)

      Really like the idea of optimizing that Anchor page. 👍

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