March 7, 2019

iOS App to follow LoL [Chronobreak Journey #4]

Marcos Sorribas @MarcosSorribas

Hi IH,

A little bit of context first. We are two makers (developer + designer) building our first project: Chronobreak, an app to follow League of Legends (LoL) competitive scene.

We are posting weekly updates. You can find our last week numbers here:

Chronobreak Journey Week 4 [02/28/19 - 03/06/19]


This week we released version 1.3 including a very requested feature: North America league (LCS).

So now the app works with European league (LEC) and North America league (LCS). We found that average followers in a LEC game are around 80.000 viewers at the same time. LCS games viewers are higher, being around 120.000. We are happy to have both leagues because now our potential users are 2x bigger.

Time spent

We spend a total of 42.5 hours in 7 days as follows:

  • 8.25 hours of design related task.
  • 13 hours of coding iOS App.
  • 4.75 hours of coding Backend.
  • 16.5 hours of marketing task. Mainly redacting release notes, Reddit posts, this post, tweets about games...


Our main KPI is WAUS (weekly active users) and downloads. We wrote last week that we had 46 WAUS and with version 1.2 we aimed to double that. GOAL FAILED. We now have just 33 WAUS (even less than last week :( ) but we think that we need a bigger user base (downloads) before thinking about WAUS. What do you think?

This picture shows our DAUS, WAUS, and MAUS. You can think MAUS as downloads because Chronobreak is one month old.


If you think that we should be paying attention to a more important metric please let us know. All feedback is highly appreciated!


Last week we published a Reddit post about the app in /r/leagueoflegends but we failed. Literally, it had only 1 upvote. We don't know if people are not interested in the app or nobody noticed the post. We are publishing again this week talking about our new LCS feature but being simpler, short and less marketed. Hope it works out.

You can check it here:

We'll appreciate if you go through it and give us honest feedback about it. League of Legends Reddit community is very big, and we need to be part of them if we wanna be a successful product.

Thank You for reading

That's all so far in our Journey. Thanks a lot for reading this summary and supporting us. ANY KIND of feedback will be appreciated. We will be posting next Thursday talking about new results and next steps.


Chronobreak journey is a weekly post about our insights building an iOS App to follow League of Legends eSports. We write about time spent, app metrics, marketing actions... We would like you to join us along this journey.

Marcos. Chronobreak co-founder.

P.S: If you can't download the app, here is a quick shot: