Is it still worth it to support Internet Explorer?

So after I've been busy testing and fixing issues for Internet Explorer all day, I was wondering what the opinions are: is it even still worth it to support Internet Explorer 11?

I don't really know of anybody who still uses it, but I wouldn't want to assume based on that and push an audience away.

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    Does your target audience use it? -> Yes
    If not, don't bother.

    Based on user statistics I see what I need to focus on!

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      According to my Google Analytics just over 10% of my users are on IE... I want to cry

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    It's not worth it to support Internet Explorer unless your target audience exclusively uses it.

    It's always possible to support it later on if you find that people are complaining about it. But supporting IE straight off the bat, especially if you don't have any paying customers, is a waste of time.

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      Thanks for the tip! I've decided to just fix the bigger issues so the website at least works on IE, but I left the smaller IE quirks for what they are for now. Will leave the rest up to user statistics to decide.

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    sorry it isn't
    Please find something that is trending right now.
    Do you why they say Tesla's cars are great?
    Because Tesla looks at what is currently the best design and tech in the market.
    Then they start from this and build on top of it.

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    Microsoft's already dropped support for IE10 and below, and I'd imagine IE11 would be on its way too. I'd argue "no, drop support" unless your Google Analytics numbers say otherwise!

    Source: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/microsoft-365/windows/end-of-ie-support

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    It just depends on your users.

    A lot of corporate users need IE support. We had an enterprise client where IE 11 was still a requirement because it shipped with the default Windows installation on their laptops.

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    Worked with a lot of government agencies. They use IE for compliance reasons. Other than that almost 99% of my consumer work is non-IE

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    Will your user use your page in a corporate context? Then maybe yes. Especially in more traditional companies like banks there is still a lot of IE around and even the users would love to just use a different browser, but can't due to company policy.
    Otherwise no.

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    Bootstrap, one of the most popular CSS frameworks is moving away from IE11 support with the coming version 5, TailwindCSS doesn't support IE11 right out of the box, so does Google's Angular. Of course there are ways to make these frameworks support IE11 but still you can look at these popular frameworks and see a pattern. I personally don't make my applications and websites IE11-ready by default anymore. It's not hard to switch the web browsers, so if people are really interested in my website or product, they just switch browsers.

    I sometimes wonder how IE11 users see and use the internet after all.

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    I say if you use Internet Explorer you don't deserve the internet.

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