Landing Page Feedback March 26, 2020

Is the wording on our prerelease page clear?

TRAVIS KIRTON @createwithflow

I'd love to know if you think the prerelease page of an upcoming feature for our animation tool, is clear, concise, enticing? Thanks!

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    Hey Travis,
    If you hadn't said your tool did animation in this post, I wouldn't know it from the landing page. It might be worth changing 'Founder of Flow.' to something like 'Founder of Flow, a tool that helps you _____ your _____'

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      I agree with you

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      Thanks, I edited it with your suggestion.

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        Can confirm. Saw this 10 hrs later for the first time and understood it on the first read

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          Awesome, thanks!

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    The first chat bubble scrolled off the top of my screen before I could read it. It's also a little unclear if you're offering early preview for Flow, or for the new features. It took me a while to figure out that the big animation in the middle is actually your logo and/or an example of what Flow can do.

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      Thanks, I edited the text down by a line or two for each bubble. Hopefully it fits now. I also edited the text, so hopefully it reads easier now.

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        Looks great! Just one typo in "native"

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          Fixed! (actually fixed it within mins of your post the other day). Thanks for taking the time to give feedback.

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    Thanks for everyone who had a look at the prerelease page and left feedback.

    FYI We just dropped our PH Launch:

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    This comment was deleted 5 months ago.

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      Thanks for your feedback. Alas, those two things are stock options from Product Hunt's template.