Self Care June 2, 2020

It's been +1,214 days since I was a corporate employee

Yarty @onemanparty

Over +1,214 days ago (or +3 years), I was a corporate employee working on things I wasn't passionate about.

Like many of the indie hackers here who've shared their stories, I was unhappy and unsure of the direction my life was taking.

And like some of you, I was laid off from that corporate job that I worked so hard to not only attain, but maintain. (That restructuring life....🤐)

I realized after that experience that the only person who was going to change my life was myself. So I took action. Lots of action.

You can read more about it here where I share what my corporate job was, why I turned down an offer to join Amazon and where I am today:

Although what I make is currently a fraction compared to that job (what I make now is higher on an hourly basis though), I'm infinitely happier and can spend more valuable time with my family. And I would never trade that away.

Thank you so much for reading in advance, this community has meant a lot to me over the years. You guys have inspired me and helped me to learn that there's such a bigger world out there. 🙏

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    Hi Yarty! Thanks for sharing your experience. I like the storytelling approach in your blog post. Glad to hear that your gut steered you in the right direction. I had a similar experience not long ago - now I use the old gut check as often as possible. Best of luck!

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      Thanks! Glad to hear the gut check worked out, hope you're doing great.

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    I'm working on the same job like 9 years already :)

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      Is it a job you enjoy?