Coronavirus March 26, 2020

Just launched: Modern Day Jobs 💸 - A curated list of 100 modern ways to make money online

Bram Kanstein (@bramk) @bramk
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    Great initiative! Actually something people should be looking into these days.

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    To help people who's job situation is affected by #COVID19, Elaine Zelby ( and I are launching "Modern Day Jobs" today! It's a curated list of 100 modern ways to make money online.

    This week, entrepreneur Alex Taub shared a similar list on Twitter ( replying to tweets from people who were wondering if there were any overviews of ways people who are affected by layoffs caused by Covid-19, could find new ways / jobs / gigs to make money and pay their bills.

    He asked if there were any people who'd like to take over his idea and build a searchable database for it. So Elaine and I jumped on it and worked together for the past 2 days to launch this product today. It's made with Carrd + Airtable.

    We both got interested because the majority of people now getting laid off are not the skilled knowledge or tech workers. There are dozens of places where they could make money through the internet and we would love to help them!

    We hope you like it and spread the word to anyone you think it’s valuable for

    Stay strong! ✌️