Just launched! Remotebear — The best remote jobs at leading tech companies

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    Really clean design! Mind sharing how are you sourcing the jobs?

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        Thanks @mmazzarolo. This is super timely as I'm just about to start working on HiredHemp. I'm using a much different data collection and storage approach, but this will be a good reference. :)

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      Thank you!
      I might even open-source it sooner or later, but for now: we're using public APIs from the most known job boards (e.g.: greenhouse, lever), and we normalize the API results in order to detect which job is remote and in what location it can be done.

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        Right on! Might have to give that a try (different niche). I'm currently working on scraping Google Jobs... and it's a giant pain in the ass. Congrats on the launch! Looking forward to seeing how things progress.

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          I agree, scraping can be a pain. I would suggest you to check if Google Jobs is retrieving its jobs from an internal (public) API, if you haven’t already.
          That’s what I’m doing for Twitter and DuckDuckGo for example.

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    Clean and Great readability! Love the name RemoteBear!

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    Just bookmarked your site. Super clean, and easy to find what I'm looking for! A lot of the "remote" filters on other job boards don't seem to work. My day job is being a PM for a big tech company, and I moved half way across the country during the pandemic to be closer to family. I might be looking for a remote job instead of moving back later this summer.

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    Do you offer an API?

    We would be interested to integrate it with https://loopcv.pro

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      Not yet, but we might open-source it.

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    What is your tech stack? Are you scraping with a no-code tool?

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      The stack is: NodeJS + various scripts/tools for the backend/jobs-fetcher (running on Heroku), NextJS on the front-end (running on Vercel).
      I'm not scraping with a no-code tool, it's a NodeJS app (built from scratch).

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        That's awesome are you scraping from pre-existing Job board aggregators or directly from a company job board.

        Frankly, I am also trying to build something similar but not for remote jobs but for remote companies.

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          I’m using the APIs of sites that power several company’s “career” page, like greenhouse, lever, etc...

          Good luck with your project!

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    Well for synx your wrong about location
    With zappier you link to send application with the job desc

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      Thanks for reporting, fixing Zapier soon :)
      Why do you feel Snyk is using the wrong location?
      We use the location title to determine which location belongs to each job, but in some cases (like for Snyk) the location may be different in the content itself.

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        Snyk states the remote only applies to the listed locations...
        It's a problem with a lot of "remote jobs" the listings later shrink the relevant area and most remote job boards get it wrong when they try to let you filter location, I kinda thought you might be doing more cherry-picking specific companies so you can handle a bit of company-specific logic

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          zapier also limits location by TZ

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            Thanks for the feedback!
            Yeah, we do company specific logic, but it’s basically impossible filtering down to specific location consistently because the job offers are still being added by humans, and there’s no consistent way to match them consistently (even for single companies - we tried, but there are so many typos and variations that could cause even more erratic results). So, we apply filters based on generic locations to get the best results - compares to other jobs board, I think we’re doing better than many other aggregator, but there’s still margin for improvement. We’re still scoping them more down the road (e.g: UK only might be a good candidate for the next location) though :)

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              the boards your getting the jobs from do have a country filter that's actually right
              IDK if that info just not in the API and/or metadata somewhere...

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                Ouch, really? For snyk and zapier you mean? Than it’s a different story, I might have missed it or the API might have changed since when we added it (it already happened a couple of times). Thanks!

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    Due I was pessimistic, first impression is pretty good

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    Author of Remotebear here 👋.
    Tired of remote jobs aggregators that aren't showing all the available remote jobs of the companies they support and that don't distinguish between US-only/not-US-only jobs, I built (yet another) remote jobs aggregator.
    Jobs are updated daily, new companies and features are being added often, and we're constantly improving the location filtering logic.
    Open to feedback!

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    Nice and clean design. Would be great to give the job list a bit more space.

    What's your value proposition? What makes this job board special?

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