Landing Page Feedback March 18, 2019

Landing Page Feedback


Hi I'm a founder at - a tool for modular notes and tasks.

We've been working on improving our landing page and would appreciate your help.

  • Are you able to understand how to use Caeli? What do you find confusing?
  • Do you know what types of use cases you'd use caeli for if you were to try it out?


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    I understand what you guys do. I'd do these tweaks:

    • Use the middle block to talk about benefits only:
      From: "Caeli uses small blocks as the fundamental unit of writing instead of documents. This makes your notes easier to find and organize, with minimal added effort."
      To: "Caeli makes your notes easier to find and organize, with minimal added effort."
    • The last block is a great candidate to get testimonials. Use twitter cards or quotes from the people you mention.

    I hope you find this helpful.

    PS: I find the color combination hard to read (at least for me).

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      This is very helpful - thank you, David!

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    Where are the h tags ?
    I think there is too much "white space" on the top of the page..
    Thats's just my opininon ..
    I am also working on my website :

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      Thanks for your feedback - too much whitespace is a valid concern. By "h tags" do you mean the hashtag feature in Caeli or something else?

      I like how the features you offer load as you scroll down the page. I don't speak Romanian so can't give feedback on the copy.

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    so i think bring your animation video "above the fold". And header text to the left hand side. Like (just in terms of layout).

    I also think it's a bit text heavy site. I think you would do better breaking the text blocks into ticks with icons or something like what has

    Good luck! Nice product

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      Thank you, Harry! I really like the layout of Will try those modifications.

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    I like the idea. One suggestion would be to immediately display a simple note right on top of the page.
    When I first opened the website I immediately clicked on "write messy, read polished." in the hero since I thought I could write down my first note right there.

    Maybe you could A/B test this and see how it helps with sign ups.

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      Thank you, Harun! will try some A/B tests

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    Great idea! The copy is clear and concise. I find Caeli easy to use though the oddly shaped rectangle UI frame is a bit distracting. Maybe you could possibly place the animation inside a mockup of the application window or browser so that we have a little bit more context on where we might use this app.

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      That's very helpful. Thank you, Nia! Will update the animation to be in a more standard browser shape

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    This comment was deleted a year ago.

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      Thanks for your feedback - likely a noob question but what do you mean by "csn"?

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    This comment was deleted 7 months ago.

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      Thanks a lot for the feedback. Did you have to scroll to see the animations or to see the full website? Also I assume you're talking about vertical scrolling - is that correct?

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        This comment was deleted 7 months ago.

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          Thanks for clarifying, Andreas - that's very helpful. Will make the height of the animation shorter

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