Landing Page Feedback September 16, 2020

Let me critique your website copy 🔥 [pt.2]


Loads of people benefitted from this the last time so lets do it again!

Hey Everyone!

After joining this site 3 months ago, I've come to learn so much about building and growing a side project and now I want to give something back 🙏

👇 Drop your sites below & with a Loom, I'll cover:

  • Who I think your product is for (based off your copy)🚶‍♂️
  • Whether your key benefits & features are conveyed well enough 🗣
  • How you could improve/rephrase one specific thing (with an example) ✅

I love reading through website copy so pretty excited to start!

All I ask in return is that if you've a spare moment, then check out my launch on PH today: - it would mean a lot

Cheers 😃

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    Checked it out, upvoted, my lander is

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        Wow this was amazing! Your suggestions about re-phrasing were really, really good.

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          Hey I like the site it is clean and concise. I also agree with the comments in the loom. One suggestion I have is to remove the word "do" from your header - it is not necessary to convey the point and I think it actually confuses or creates a little friction in the sentence. "Which Acquisition Channels Consistently Work for Founders?"

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      Thank you, just having at look at zero to users now!

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      This comment was deleted 8 days ago.

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    Hi @jptwothree05 - I just upvoted on PH, as an accountant I definantly understand the problem that you're solving for. It'll be great if you could check out my landing page - any feedback is appreciated. Cheers, B

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    Just upvoted you on PH - your product sounds pretty good! It's just a pitty that Stripe doesn't work in South Africa yet

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      Hey man thank you for that :D

      Yeah it sucks but I'm planning on adding Paypal in to cater for that!

      Here's your loom, hope it's of value!

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        If you're looking for a simple payments API to integrate with, you could check out

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          Thanks man! I really appreciate your feedback! It's given me a lot to think about and I'll definitely implement some changes based on it :)

  4. 2 !

    I upvoted your launch :)


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    Good luck on PH Launch! Here's mine. your review is greatly appreciated. :)

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    Here is our landing page:

    Thanks in advance.

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    Checked it out and upvoted. My app is

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    Hey @jptwothree05, great work on Fruitbowl. I just looked up the website and it seemed pretty interesting. Keep up the great work!

    Here's a link to my product you can review, would love your thoughts on the same!

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      Thank you man, beautiful website you've got - here are my thoughts:

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        Thanks for those thoughts @jptwothree05
        It was indeed very helpful, we will work on it

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    Here is my prelaunch page:

    Would love to hear your feedback!

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    Hey @jptwothree05 thease are my copies [ cover ] please give your feed back , Just upvoted your PH page

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      Thank you man. I think the link is missing to your site, just check it out ^

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    Upvoted your launch on PH! 😃

    Our new website:

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      awesome man thank you :)

      Loom incoming !!

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    Upvoted, good luck!

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        Thanks for the loom!

        I have made a few changes regarding your feedback. How do you like it now?

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      Cheers man, Loom incoming!

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    Congrats on the launch, upvoted it!

    I'd love to hear your opinion on my new app:

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        thanks man! great tips, it was really helpful!

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      Thank you man, I will definitely check out hide & seek :)

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    hey man, I've been watching all your critiques and they're really good but I think that the volume is too low? or is it just me?

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      Thanks bro.

      Haha yeah it is man, im using an external mic and it records better when paired with a proper editor like Premier. With Loom you can't adjust volume which sucks

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    I am not good at copy writing, especially that I needed to deal with so many different things, from UI/UX, copy writing, developers, testing, clients, growth, video making/editing etc.

    But I am interesting to get your feedback on my landing page .

    Btw, up voted your PH launch.

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        Thanks, gonna check !

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      Thank you man, its highly appreciated :)

      Loom incoming !

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        Great, waiting for it ! ✌🤞

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        thank you so much bro!

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    Im overwhelmed by the support thank you guys so much !

    Dont worry if your Loom isn't up yet - I'll be continuing to finish them tomorrow 😅

    Thanks once again 🙏

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    Go easy on me 🥺

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    Checked and upvoted my dude, let me see what you think of my site

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      Hey man just checked out Watchdit, there's not much copy on the site so it's hard to comment on, maybe add a headline on the homepage that says exaclty what your site is e.g: "Discover music videos from your favourite genre". This will give people an idea of what the site does as when yo first visit it, it can be a bit overwhelming for the user to take anything in.

      Hope this helps!

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      Thank you man, I really appreciate it. Loom incoming!

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    Hi and thanks for the offer. Hope to pay it forward soon. Please let me know what you think

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        Thank you, man. I appreciate your feedback and will surely make improvements to the copy you mentioned. Good luck with Fruitbowl!

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      Loom incoming !

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    Would really appreciate some feedback!

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        Thanks so much! Really useful feedback - gonna do my best to implement it all :)

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    Superb! Congrats mate.
    Thank you soo much !

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      Thanks man appreciate that!

      Heres your Loom:

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        Hey @jptwothree05

        Out of curiosity I checked your loom and I have to say you give pretty solid advice.

        The one on the different sections was absolutely spot on, I would recommend the same, and the images one is such a detailed view.

        I'm very impressed 10/10

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    my hypothesis is that our website copy is preventing users from signing up.

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    Hey compliments for your launch on PH!

    Here is our web

    Curious to get your feedback!

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      Thank you man, I will check out meetlama!

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    Thanks for doing this :)

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    Slick landing page you have! Would love any feedback on

  26. 1 - I've been told many times I have too many words!

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    Thanks Javahn! I upvoted the Fruitbowl PH post. Good luck :)

    My product is a personal knowledge management tool across online resources:

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      Thanks man I really appreciate that :) Awesome product by the way, here are my thoughts:

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        Thanks a lot for the feedback! 🙏

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      If there's anything I could do for you, let me know!

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    Upvoted! My site: Behold

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        Thank's buddy - gave me some good ideas. Appreciate it!

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    Your landing page is very slick! Makes me want to make a video...

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        Very helpful, thank you!

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        Thanks, I love your feedback! :)

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