Landing Page Feedback September 25, 2020

Let's trade Landing Page Feedback again!


It's time for another feedback session! 🔥

We just published our V2 Landing Page for Mage and I would love to hear your feedback. Of course, I would be more than happy to return the favour (just post your page with your questions in the comments below).

Please check it out:

What do you like?
What do you think is our mission?
Do you think the product is communicated clearly?
What don't you like?
What's Confusing?

Thanks in advance to everyone, happy exchanging 😇

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    I like your description: Mage is a price optimization tool for in-app purchases. Our SDK analyzes your users’ purchase behaviour and optimizes your pricing in 170+ app store countries.

    Your mission is to increase revenue of companies who runs in-app purchases. Though its' not stated :)

    I think your product communicated clearly on a first screen. Except part of the image with L19.99. I think customer won't understand how it became 19 from 5 and what is L? You describe two changes instead of one. So it became magic and not followthrough.

    Curly arrow doesn't communicate "strait and easy".

    But it becomes redundant on other screens. And it looks like you target developers and statistics (which do not decide to use your product) and not marketeers (which do). Even if you customer is solo developer-marketeer you should communicate to the right role

    Here is mine:

    1. 1

      Thanks for your review!

      'L' is another currency, but you're right, there are two benefits mixed!

      Maybe one more question regarding your review, where do you think we set the impression whom we target the most?

      Thanks, again and I'll have a look at your page and will reply in your thread accordingly :)

      1. 1

        «Mage is built for app publishers that don’t want to spend thousands of dollars on price market research every quarter»

        Looks like pretty descriptive targeting.

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    hi mr. lasagna, very cool product. here are my thoughts:

    • nice, a clean website with a strong headline. i should be able to understand this quickly
    • nevermind, the headline is confusing
    • lots of numbers that look like $ on the screen. 4.99 and L19.99. are these prices to use your product or to set my product to?
    • so it looks like i add your sdk to my app, you track the pricing and sales, and recommend changes in various markets... seems like a good value proposition if i'm willing to give up my sales data (which is questionable i think)
    • yeah it took me a while to get it, but i think i get it now. "Magic power" means nothing to me. mage is a cool name and i like the idea that your service is like magic, but i think you're overplaying the theme too soon
    • in the why mage section, my thought is "why mage vs a competitor" and i dont know of any competitors -- maybe i should look them up. maybe there's another title you can use instead of "why mage" that doesn't evoke that thought... or maybe it's just me idk
    • value-based pricing is your first WHY. i dont undertand how your app helps me with value based pricing. seems like you're just going to compare economies and scale the pricing up and down based on that plus the sales data that maybe trains a model to judge the success and adjust. that has nothing to do with value my customer gets, so i'd love to learn how you'll help me with value-based pricing.
    • automating pricing... is this true? like i can set it and forget it? if you just give me a spreadsheet with 200 countries and recommended prices, that's like giving me homework. but if your tool will automatically set prices and give me an overview of what's in effect right now, that would be super cool! maybe focus more on that?
    • the revenue area-chart doubling as a website background is neat. but it's so abstract that i think it's lame. do you have a real example from a customer who's willing to share such data? that would give me confidence
    • the data science on a magic level section seems good. i didnt read it but i would expect that section to be there and to assure me you've got the skills to pay the bills.
    • some of the benefits at the bottom like "no need to hire more people" are kind of raw. like yeah i know that automating something means a person doesn't have to do it. thank you. but am i really going to reduce my headcount or hiring because of this particular issue? not unless i'm megacorp.
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      Hi rayharris!
      Sorry for my late reply, I got your response via mail, but somehow it was not shown to me on indiehackers... 😔

      But anyway, a big, big thank you for your enormous review! 🙏

      Some remarks on your review:

      • The prices in the top picture are examples for prices we would set "your" product to.
      • It's almost automized pricing. In the beginning, we wanted it to be completely automized, but we decided to use a recommendation approach first, to help to build up trust. But still, you don't need to do any "homework". By simply clicking 'accept recommendation' in our web interface the proposed changes will go live immediately for new connecting devices.
      • You're right, currently we're evaluating the value of your consumers on a higher aggregated level (country) with our trained model. But, on that level, we're adapting to the willingness to pay. We're also planning to add further factors to estimate values on a lower level.
      • We don't want you to reduce your hiring, we want you to use your resources and people for your product, so you don't need to hire data scientists or pricing specialist who would do nothing else but think about pricing.

      Thanks once more and let me know if there is a webpage of you I should review :)

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