List of people open to 1-to-1 chat

I love the idea of 1-to-1 conversations with other Indie Hackers.

Inspired by Rosie Sherry and other people willing to have a 1-to-1 chat, I created a list in Airtable to help a bit with forming this awesome initiative.

Feel free to find a person you'd like to chat with or sign up with your own scheduling link.

  1. 2

    I love talking with other makers and share some experiences and lessons learned. It's something I'm actually doing for my latest project Quicktalks.io so I've added myselft to the list 🤙

  2. 2

    Love the idea! Added my calendar link 👍

  3. 2

    Great idea, I've just added my details.

  4. 2

    Wonderful, I've pinned this to the Meetups group to make it easier to find in the future. 👍🏼

  5. 1

    Perfect idea! :)

  6. 1

    Love this, Thanks Lukasz

    Does a yearly/monthly group call exist? Like an indiehackers party every now and again that we could all get involved in remotely ?

    1. 1

      I'm not aware of a monthly or yearly group call, but I can imagine this could fun too!

      1. 1

        I can organize this. I've been doing a monthly one for Indie Women and could do something similar for everyone.

        Maybe last Thursday of every month? (I do Indie Women the first Thursday of every month).

  7. 1

    Nice idea and list!

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